135 flights arrived this weekend to Santiago and Punta Cana


A total of 135 flights from the United States, Canada and other destinations, arrived in the country this weekend, with thousands of tourists and Dominicans absent, through the International Airports of Santiago and Punta Cana, thus contributing to the marked recovery and dynamism of the country’s tourism sector.

The largest number of flights from the vast majority of New York and other American cities, occurred this Saturday 19 at the Punta Cana International Airport with a total of 49 aircraft landings whose passengers traveling with the proper health and safety protocols. distancing established by these airlines, reported operations personnel and representatives of the Ministry of Tourism in said terminal.

That same day a flight from the renewed Madrid-Santo Domingo route of the Evelop Airline arrived at night, with tourists who came to this destination to vacation the Christmas holidays. And on Sunday 20, some 36 flights arrived through the same air terminal in the eastern region, for a total of about 85.

Of the 49 flights that arrived through the Punta Cana Airport on Saturday, in just one hour, from 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon, 15 aircraft landed from various cities in the United States by American Airlines, Air Transat, Delta, American Airlines, United, Jet Blue, West Jet Airlines, among others.

Meanwhile, 50 flights arrived through the Cibao International Airport, 25 on Saturday and another 25 this Sunday, 20 with hundreds of Creoles from New York, New Jersey, San Juan Puerto Rico and other North American cities.

Likewise, other private flights arrived through the Cibaeña terminal, such as the one that descended on Sunday afternoon from the Seabord airline from San Juan, Puerto Rico with 33 passengers.

Both the Creoles, and the tourists who arrived en masse from both terminals, were received with a warm welcome lined with music and folklore, and provided with Dominican flags, as has been part of the welcome given by the Ministry of Tourism to travelers throughout the December, and on the occasion of celebrating this Sunday 20 the Day of the Absent Dominican.

At both airports, travelers upon arrival and when moving through the different areas of migration and baggage claim, greeted the established preventive health measures, such as signs and the provision of medical personnel to ensure safety and correct handling of protocols.