18% of travelers get stressed with preparations


For most, traveling translates into full happiness. The opportunity to try new activities, play sports, enjoy their hobbies, try new gastronomic specialties, spend time with family and friends or just relax. But such a high level of expectations can also become a source of stress. In a survey conducted by KAYAK about travel habits, 18% of respondents claimed to have felt stress at some point in relation to planning their trips and 17% when they are already arriving at the destination of their vacation.
The survey gathers the opinion of 23,400 travelers from 22 countries.

The main sources of stress when traveling.

Traveling in a group
Meeting all holiday expectations is a challenge, and more when traveling in a group. The survey conducted among travelers shows that among the main sources of burden are the planning of itineraries (38%), the coordination of plans and activities during the holidays (35%), as well as keeping the travel group happy (29%) .

When traveling, the traveler is price sensitive. This is evidenced by respondents when they indicate that financial issues are one of the aspects of the trip that generate the most stress (34%). This consideration is even more pressing when traveling alone.

Make queues
Once the trip has started, new sources of stress are added at the same airport. The flight delay is a major source of stress for the travelers consulted (35%) as well as the endless queues during the holidays (35%).
Taking a flight has several critical moments associated that go from the journeys to the airport to the delays in the flights, passing through the queues and the burden of arriving on time at the boarding gate. All this together is a source of stress for 69% of travelers.

The previous night
Stress is present, in different ways, during the travel process. From finding a suitable accommodation (42%), make sure that all reservations are confirmed (25%) or take everything you need for the trip (34%).

The return
Everything good ends. The saddest and least desired moment for 57% of respondents is the return of their much-desired vacation.
Luckily, there is always a solution for everything. Some travelers prefer to remember their trip on social networks; others start planning their next trip from the same day back.