75% of travelers consider the comments essential before booking


Travelers from any part of the world are no longer taken to the letter descriptions and images of holiday offers. Instead, they focus on the comments that customers write to decide which is the best option for their next trip, especially when they want to try some type of alternative accommodation.

For this type of travelers, their stay is not only influenced by the people who are during the trip, but it is something that starts at home even before booking. Booking.com, the world leader in the sector that connects travelers with the widest range of incredible accommodations, has discovered that more than half of travelers worldwide (53%) admit that they have not booked accommodation because they had Bad comments about the host, even though the price, location and quality of the accommodation was exactly what they were looking for.

The key is in the staff

The results of this study, which involved 21,500 people from 29 markets, also indicate that three-quarters of travelers from around the world (75%) consider that customer comments are very important because they help them identify hosts. kind and welcoming. In addition, the internal data generated by Booking.com users reveal that, on average, Booking.com travelers give the best scores to the accommodation staff with respect to the other five available categories: services, cleanliness, comfort, price and location.