According to ANATO, the situation of travel agencies and tourism is critical


Despite the good news about the reopening of the sector, the figures from the Business Pulse Survey confirm the hard blow that the current situation has brought.

DANE recently presented the results of the Business Pulse Survey, a study carried out with the support of the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank -BID- and the Development Bank of Latin America -CAF-, with the aim of measuring the impact of the economic, social and environmental emergency caused by COVID-19, in the economic activities of companies.

“The opening of domestic flights and ground transportation are a starting point for the reopening. We are optimistic about this process in which little by little we will be able to connect the country so that Travel Agencies have more products and destinations to market. However, these DANE figures show the serious situation our Agencies are going through and for this reason, we insist that the aid that the Government gives them will be essential for them to succeed. ”, Said Paula Cortés Calle.

According to the survey, which shows the behavior of the sector in June, 53.5% of Travel Agencies are under temporary closure, and 46.5% are under partial operation. It also revealed that 41.5% had a reduction in workers or hours worked; 97.6% report a decrease in the demand for their products; 46.3% difficulties in accessing financial services; and 95.1% decrease in cash flow.

Despite trying to maintain the operation, 31.7% say that there is a decrease in staff working from home; and 80.5% have not been able to improve or have new processes that help sustain their activity.