Air Europa Starts the 2019 best flight options


Air Europa welcomed 2019 by reactivating its Minimax campaign with the aim of offering its customers more and better flight options, on-board services and affordable prices.

The airline belongs to the international tourist group Globalia, which also includes the Hotels Be Live and Halcón Viajes, as well as having other important investments in the Dominican Republic.

Among the destinations of the Minimax campaign are: Brussels, Oporto, Lisbon or Marrakech; as well as flights to Zurich, Paris, Munich, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam or London, among others.

The campaign allows crossing the Atlantic at competitive prices, such as to go to New York, Brazil or the Caribbean. The rest of the destinations, including the Dominican Republic, where Air Europa also operates, also apply within the options.

For more information about the campaign or flight offers, visit the web