Amadeus presents Integrated Booking Suite


As the future of hospitality constantly moves toward personalization and guest loyalty, it remains a challenge for hoteliers to capture and apply the full value of guest data in actionable ways across disparate systems. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become even more important to be able to easily leverage data to drive booking and loyalty and ultimately increase revenue.

To benefit both hoteliers and guests, we introduce the Amadeus Integrated Booking Suite. The combination of Amadeus’ iHotelier® Central Reservation System, Guest Management Solutions and the Web, provides a one-stop-shop for hoteliers to efficiently manage their entire distribution strategy, web design and communications with guests. guests.

With Amadeus Integrated Booking Suite, hoteliers can maximize the value of each guest by customizing the display of rates, packages and promotions taking advantage of the data stored in their guest management software. These updates can be sent directly from the booking engine to the hotel’s website in real time. With the Amadeus Integrated Booking Suite connecting to major global distribution systems and more than 400 global, regional and specialty travel agencies and online tour operators, hoteliers can rest assured that they reach travelers no matter where they are shopping.

The experience is just as convenient for travelers as they are guided from a website to the booking engine in an easy and frictionless way, with personalized offers and calls to action to book along the way.

“We are proud to say that Amadeus is the only hospitality technology provider that offers a complete e-commerce experience through reservations, guest management and the web,” said Peter Waters, Executive Vice President, Hospitality Business Platform from Amadeus. “Amadeus Integrated Booking Suite not only benefits the hotel and the guest at every step of the guest journey, but also enables hoteliers to harness the power of cross-solution data that has historically been locked into individual solutions. Now hoteliers can Reach prospective travelers no matter what method they book and increase conversion rates with a beautiful and engaging website, while including personalized offers and unique experiences today’s guests crave”.