Banreservas and ASONAHORES sign an agreement to support tourism reactivation


The Reserve Bank and the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (ASONAHORES) signed a collaboration agreement to support and promote the reactivation of tourism in the Dominican Republic, in addition to promoting the sustainable development of the communities involved.

Samuel Pereyra, general administrator of the financial institution, and Rafael Blanco Tejera, president of ASONAHORES, signed the agreement that will make the portfolio of Banreservas services available to citizens, which includes the Happy Holidays program and the tourism assistance plan RD insurance for visitors.

The bank will also support with financing innovative proposals and projects that, once evaluated, demonstrate the potential to contribute decisively to the sustainable development of tourist communities.

“This agreement has as its focal point the implementation of joint actions, in order to increase the number of tourists who visit us, contribute to providing them with a better service, support the improvement and creation of new hotel structures, offering financial support to investors. of the tourism sector, among other initiatives ”, said Pereyra.

Concrete actions

The president of ASONAHORES stated that as the main representative of the national tourism industry, in that Association they share the vision of President Luis Abinader, to promote and strengthen the sustainable development of the sector with concrete actions.
Among these initiatives Rafael Blanco Tejera cited the Tourism Recovery Plan proposed by the State, which assumes “with responsibility and enthusiasm an active and conciliatory role within all the tourist events of the Dominican Republic.”

He said that it is “of special interest for ASONAHORES the development of different studies that help strengthen and promote tourism investment in the Dominican Republic, and that also reflect the impact on the value chain within the national economy, in order to promote greater economic development and sustainability in terms of quality and availability of national production “.

Through the agreement between Banreservas and ASONAHORES, financial inclusion, bankarization and other actions aimed at promoting innovative entrepreneurship will also be promoted, through financial education talks and workshops for hotel and restaurant staff.

Pereyra explained that Banreservas will also support ASONAHORES in its different activities, such as fairs, the ASONAHORES Tourism Investment Forum, the meetings and exhibitions that this entity carries out.

Both institutions undertook to coordinate actions that promote the development of synergies between plans and programs, of a social and commercial nature, that each one develops based on its institutional mission, and to contribute to the creation of new projects that seek the recovery of tourism. from their respective areas of action and business.

The Bank ratified its alliance with Dominican tourism -after the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic-, through financial inclusion, banking, innovative entrepreneurship and support for productive sectors that have a social focus, to favor social inclusion, the promotion of local development and the improvement of all Dominicans.