reveals how Latin Americans will travel in 2022


After more than a year and a half of restrictions and constant changes, people feel the need to accept unpredictability and make up for lost time. So 2022 is going to be a year for just that. The trends predicted by’s recent research* on travel predictions for this new year, show how the Latin American travel community is going to reignite its travel spark.

Traveling is an essential part of human life, and after spending so much time at home, its benefits for health and well-being are recognized. If there is something that all the Latin Americans surveyed agree on, it is that having planned vacations has a positive impact on their emotional well-being, this is true for 90% of Brazilians, 88% of Mexicans, 84% of Argentines and Colombians and 77% of Peruvians.

Why traveling is the ideal form of wellness? Because leaving the comfort zone is the key to being able to disconnect. Brazilians (60%) and Mexicans (68%) are the ones who say that staying in a place with a different landscape helps to recharge, while Colombians (60%) and Peruvians (62%) say that it helps to experience another Lifestyle. Also, 57% of Argentines say that trying new foods and listening to a different language (41%) makes them feel rejuvenated.

After feeling stuck for so long, instead of rushing through the entire trip, travelers are going to want to enjoy every moment. In fact, Argentines are the Latin Americans who are most eager to start a trip (24%).

Asked what are the things they miss most about traveling and want to experience again, the majority of Argentines (80%) and Brazilians (83%) commented that simple pleasures, such as feeling the sun on their skin, put them in a good mood instantly. . The same happens for Colombians (81%) and Mexicans (83%) when seeing any type of body of water. Likewise, Mexicans (73%) along with Peruvians (67%) say that they will enjoy the uncertainty of traveling by public transport in an unknown city with a different language.

After so long of hearing “no”, in 2022 people want a more positive mindset. 73% of Argentines and 75% of Brazilians agree and say that they will say yes to any travel opportunity that comes their way, if their pockets allow it. For the 57% of Peruvians and the 50% of Mexicans and Colombians who have been saving every penny without going on a trip since the start of the pandemic, in 2022, money will not be an excuse to miss a trip.