Casa de Campo Announces Reopening July 1st


LA ROMANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC . – Casa de Campo Resort informs that from July 1 it will resume its operations to continue offering its clients the best vacation experiences in the Caribbean.

It also discloses the details of the protocol necessary to implement within the ” Casa Cares ” program of health welfare and safety standards, which is part of the actions being developed to prevent COVID-19 infections, as well as to ensure the highest level of security on the property.

Since its closure in the quarantine period, the resort management has worked closely with HS Consulting, reinforcing existing procedures and adapting to new national and international regulations, achieving certification that they are effective in the prevention of infectious diseases, including COVID-19. .

Mr. Andrés Pichardo Rosenberg, President of Casa de Campo Resort and Villas, commented:

“The health and safety of our guests, residents and collaborators have always been our priority. Now more than ever we are committed to ensuring that you can relax and enjoy your stay. ”

Similarly, Pichardo announced that, as part of the “Casa Cares” program, Casa de Campo has made significant investments in materials and equipment, as well as in personnel training, which will remain a priority after the reopening.

New specific procedures and protocols are currently being implemented to ensure that each area of ​​the property is maintained to the highest standards of hygiene and precaution by using new disinfection methods and advanced technology in all areas.

Digital platforms are being developed on our website, and the creation of QR codes, where guests will be able to do all the check-in and check-out processes online, payments, access to menus, make restaurant reservations and know all the amenities offered by the resort from your mobile phone, thus avoiding physical contact.

All these measures and protocols have been extended to the sports areas, which will be in optimal conditions for the opening on July 1st.

Another important point to highlight is that Casa de Campo has its own medical facilities with certified staff 24 hours a day. It also offers 911 services, ambulance and personalized assistance in the VIP area of ​​the Central Romana Medical Center located just 5 minutes from the Resort.

Casa de Campo Resort reiterates its commitment to quality and hygiene, always at the forefront of safety and the protection of its guests.

You can be sure that we remain committed to the best of care to give all our visitors a pleasant stay without worries, thanks to our collaborators who will continue to provide “memorable experiences”.

For additional information or to see a more detailed summary of all the measures being taken, visit our page .