Chile invites you to explore its destinations through different Apps


Chile Travel has published an application guide to get to know its beautiful destinations in detail during the quarantine of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Here we share the mandatory list of applications for traveling in Chile that every tourist lover should know:

Chile Travel App
One of the latest news about travel that Chile gives us and comes from the hand of the country’s official tourism portal, is Chile Travel APP. A virtual guide complete with all the necessary information to make the view of what awaits you in Chile easier, entertaining and comfortable.
With a large collection of high-quality photographs, which makes your hair stand on end, it has more than 600 contents, among which its National Parks, Ski Centers, Hot Springs route and useful information such as conversion to local currency and temperature by region of the country.
The best of this app: all its content is in 3 languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese!

Aysen Patagonia Chile
This practical App of the National Tourism Service of Chile, has spectacular images of the south of the country and useful geo-referenced maps, which provide all the practical data that a tourist needs: accommodation, food and general services.
Aysén Patagonia divides its services into 4 zones so that you can get to know each one of these wonderful places: Carretera Austral Norte, Carretera Austral Sur, Coyhaique-Aysén, and Fjords and Patagonian Channels.
An app to travel around Chile from the phone, which in addition to being multilanguage, offers a text-to-speech program, accessible to people with reduced visibility, which will make you fall even more in love with this destination where the warmth of people contrasts with the frozen landscape of its glaciers.

Chile 360
It is probably the application with the best 360 ° images and videos of the most representative destinations in Chile. Without leaving home you can feel the adrenaline of climbing Torres del Paine or be impressed with the vastness of the Atacama Desert.
A true gem for lovers of extreme adventures, here you can have a preview of what awaits you, for example, on the magical island of Rapa Nui, with a tour of the Moai and navel volcanoes of the world.
Also as a bonus you can download your favorite content on the mobile device and enjoy it without connecting to the internet.

Chile Mobile Observatory
Chile has become the world capital for astronomical observation, with more than 40% of the scientific observatories installed in the north of the country. For this reason, we invite you to appreciate fascinating images of stars, nebulae, galaxy clashes and colossal stellar explosions, among others with the Chile Mobile Observatory app.
Chile will be the ideal place to observe the next total solar eclipse that will take place on December 14, 2020 and that can be experienced in all its splendor in the south of the country.

Indigenous Santiago
Free augmented reality application that shows the first indigenous settlements in Chile, in an unmissable tourist circuit through the historic center of the capital.
Didactic and innovative, Santiago Indígena invites travelers to visit the Plaza de Armas de Santiago to learn about the history of the towns that coexisted in that space, among other historical landmarks and relevant data, information provided through written accounts, audios in various languages ​​and augmented reality technology.

MNHN Chile
It is the official App of the National Museum of Natural History where the user can find out about the new Permanent Exhibition “Biogeographic Chile”, before and during their visit, through texts, photographs and audio guides.
This App includes a detailed interactive map of the place and a complete description of the museum rooms, along with photographs and references to know where you are.
An application to travel around Chile and discover its rich culture, because the best way to get to know a country is through its museums.

This is an application for smartphones and tablets developed by the National Museum of Fine Arts and the Goethe-Institut Chile as part of the Bauhaus Film exhibition, organized by both institutions in collaboration with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.
At BauhausStgo you can view a selection of 30 buildings in Santiago in a geo-referenced way, as a contribution to the dissemination of this modern architectural heritage.
Through this app you can interact, share images, add buildings to your favorites and much more.