CHTA reveals results of COVID-19 recovery and business impact survey


The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association continues to survey tourism-related companies that provide services in the region

This is the third in a series of surveys that the CHTA has conducted since March 2020. It is a highly detailed and reliable study that guides members of industry, government authorities, and supporting institutions in considering policies. , operational practices, marketing and communications strategies, training and support efforts to accelerate and stimulate tourism recovery

The survey was conducted between February 15 and 24 via email with the participation of 255 companies. Here we share some of the most outstanding results:

Business Operations
• 67% of the Caribbean tourism-related businesses are currently (at the end of February 2021) fully operational; 17% reported being partially open; 16% of the businesses remained closed; of those that are partially open or closed, 56% expect to be fully open by June.
• The Caribbean tourism industry reports a 74% loss of revenue in 2020 compared to pre-pandemic forecasts.
The impact is even more significant when considering the strong performance of the industry in January and February 2020 before the pandemic.
• 14% of the companies related to tourism in the Caribbean have a high probability or probability of closing permanently as a result of the pandemic; 49% are not likely to close permanently and 37% said they may still be able to close permanently.
• 49% of tourism-related employers expect labor costs to ultimately rise to support additional safety and health measures.

• Employment levels in Caribbean tourism were reported to be 43% of pre-pandemic levels in February 2020, indicating a certain level of activity and a high level of employers are retaining employees at despite the low level of tourist activity.
• 38% of employers can continue to pay a percentage of employee salary for employees who are still hired but not working (laid off, laid off, on leave, etc.), while 62.5% cannot.
• The percentage of employers that can pay a salary is 55%. Most who help with salaries and employee benefits hope that they will not be able to continue to do so in the coming months.

Protocols, technologies and operations to protect employees and guests.
• Almost all tourism-related businesses in the Caribbean invest significantly in new health security.
• Three out of ten employers cover the costs of employee and guest testing.
• Thirteen percent of employers indicate they are or will cover employee vaccine costs
• 24% of employers offer or plan to offer Covid-19 testing on site.
• 54% express interest in obtaining special prices for Covid-19 tests for employees and guests through a provider recognized by the CHTA.
• All employers indicate that they intend to follow protocols for employees and guests.

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