Costa Cruises proposes a new tourism of value, sustainable and inclusive


The cruise company seeks to achieve a superior experience based on three main pillars: gastronomy, excursions and sustainability, through a new visual and communication identity in accordance with its principles of creating value, sustainable and inclusive tourism.

With a history of more than 70 years, Costa is synonymous with cruise travel and in this recovery process it seeks to reconquer the market with the constant growth it had before the pandemic. 

“A new approach to excursions – explains Fernando Joselevich, Country Manager for Costa Cruises in Argentina – will allow us to offer our guests a unique experience to discover new local cultures and hidden gems by exploring each cruise destination. As never before, we will offer the longest excursions in history in each port that will allow our guests to discover, feel and taste new things that will enrich their visit in each place visited outside the usual circuits. We will have authorized guides selected by National Geographic Expeditions that will allow us to discover the secrets of each destination”.

“We have turned Costa excursions into true experiences in the heart of each destination, Joselevich details, devoting many more hours to each tour to enjoy its traditions, flavors and color in the most authentic way.

In terms of gastronomy on board its ships, the new Costa launches a high-quality experience and for this it has incorporated three of the best chefs in the world into its staff to recreate local recipes from the destinations that its ships visit.

“We propose a true journey in which native flavors are reinterpreted by expert chefs: Bruno Barbieri, Angel León and Heléne Darroze. All of them, recognized holders of Michelin Stars, set out in search of the true aroma and flavor of our different destinations, and along the way they met and shared the ways of making local chefs, visited small hidden markets and discovered authentic ingredients” explains Joselevich.

“And, thanks to this painstaking and careful search for flavors around the world, our chefs have created completely new recipes and dishes that they will share exclusively with our guests, giving them a totally immersive culinary experience.”

The third pillar is based on Sustainability: “Costa is respectful of the sea, and we protect its environment and its ecosystems,” Joselevich points out. In fact, it was the first to introduce a ship powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG): the cleanest fossil fuel that exists, which almost completely eliminates the harmful emissions of traditional fuels”.

But sustainability is not only about taking care of the environment, but the world as a whole.

Food is of paramount importance and constitutes one of the central elements of Costa Cruises’ sustainable development strategy, which pays special attention to its value and responsible consumption.

  • More than 500 dishes have been reviewed, analyzing aspects such as seasonality, nutritional value and proximity of ingredients. Likewise, the buffets have been reorganized to facilitate more responsible consumption and reduce waste. All this without causing a decrease in the quality and flavor that have always differentiated Costa.
  • Less waste is generated thanks to the use of advanced technologies.
  • Awareness is encouraged among guests and crews about the need for more responsible food consumption.
  • Donations of hundreds of thousands of meals are made to the most vulnerable sectors and the surpluses are given to local communities.

“For Costa, the destinations he visits are not just places with tourist attractions, but communities made up of people with a unique identity and ecosystems that must be protected and preserved. The objective is to collaborate with local communities to promote tourism that generates economic and social value and that, at the same time, fully respects the uniqueness of each environment and each culture”, concludes Joselevich.