Costa Rica tourism promotion captivated major cities of the world


Costa Rica has had a presence during 2019 on European catwalks, fashion items, French cuisine, public roads, buses, electric cars, trams and subway stations. Also in film festivals, television programs, biodiversity conservation gardens, sporting events and social networks.
This promotion was framed in 151 special projects led this year by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) in its priority markets in the United States, Canada and Europe to position the country as a tourist destination, as well as the launch of the advertising campaign for the North American market
Summarizing the promotional work of the ICT throughout this year, the Minister of Tourism, Maria Amalia Revelo, commented that “we have reached very successful tourist growth figures. We expect to close the year with a 5% increase in international arrivals by air ”.
International arrivals by air from North America report a growth of 5.2% from January to November 2019 compared to the same period of the previous year and those of Europe 5%. The 10.5% increase in the same period from Germany is especially striking.
Minister Revelo reaffirmed that “our responsibility and commitment is to manage this tourist success, which boosts our economy and is a generator of employment of great importance for the country.”
Minister Revelo commented that the increase in visitation resulting from these promotional strategies requires the development of new products consistent with the tourism sustainability model to avoid saturation of those already positioned and fulfill an anchor role.
He said that for this purpose the Program of Integral Management of Tourist Destinations is promoted, which provides support to local actors, such as municipalities, tourism chambers, organizations and entrepreneurs, to lead the development of new products in five years.
Costa Rica’s positioning efforts include, in addition to special projects, comprehensive campaigns and cooperative support with airlines and wholesale agencies. These are strategic ways to maximize budgetary resources for the promotion of the tourism product in the markets of interest and to encourage the growth in visitation from the markets and segments of greater interest to the country.
The image of the country abroad is also consolidated through the coverage that international media and agents give to the tourist destination with reports, articles and documentaries.
Following recommendations from public relations agencies hired by ICT in North America and Europe, in 2019 324 journalists and agents from mainly Europe and Latin America were attended, as well as 65 from the United States and Canada.