Cruise and Maritime Voyages invites you to participate in an interesting FAM Trip


British cruise ship operator, CMV Travel & Leisure Group Limited (CMV) invites you to take a familiarization trip through the Riviera Maya oriented to travel agencies. It has a special cost of U $ 299 per person. The idea is to travel for 6 days this incredible region starting from Puerto Vallarta, one of the most spectacular bays in Mexico. During the trip, the agents will be able to know the operations of the boats, cabins and the service offered by the operator.

Those wishing to join the FAM should enter at and use the code G9V7.

Cruise & Maritime Voyages is the leading independent cruise line in the UK and in 2019 announced its ninth year of airline cruise operations from a selection of 11 UK ports. Their smaller and intimate ships offer a homey and traditional cruise style, with a special emphasis on personal service. That is why more than 40% of its passengers sail with the signature again and again and more than 95% of its guests are satisfied with the experience on board.