Cruise ship arrival in Santa Marta grows


The third cruise ship of the year 2020 from Aruba arrived in Santa Marta. This is Norwegian Gem, which brought on board 3,394 people and confirms the success that the capital of Magdalena is achieving in its positioning as a destination for tourism that prefers those luxury boats.

According to the Port of Santa Marta, 30 cruises have been confirmed so far by 2020, which represents an increase compared to 2019, at which time 25 of these vessels docked in the city and allowed the arrival of 31,847 Travellers.

These figures represent an increase of 19% in the arrival of cruise ships to Santa Marta and 24% in the number of cruise passengers, coming from different countries of the world, who have known the city.

“This achievement is not only due to the work of the Port of Santa Marta but also to the synergy we have achieved with other entities such as the District Office and Aviatur. It is also the result of efforts we have made to be at events such as the Cruise Ship Fair of Miami, Florida, which is considered the cruise capital, ”explains José Canedo Lugo, commercial coordinator of the Port of Santa Marta.

The growth of cruise tourism in the capital of Magdalena has been taking place since 2012 and according to the Port of Santa Marta, the arrival of each vessel generates more than 200 jobs.

“The main contribution that from the Port of Santa Marta we make to position Santa Marta as a destination is the provision of the pier, because the city does not have a cruise terminal, in addition, for those passengers who arrive in the city without having acquired a tour, we also provide transportation and orientation service at the time of disembarkation ”, explains José Canedo Lugo.