Cultural and ecotourism motivated more than 60% of the trips of Brazilians


The Ministry of Tourism and the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) released this Wednesday (12.08) the results of the Tourism module of the National Survey by Continuous Sample of Households – PNAD Continua. The survey, with data collected in the third quarter of 2019, aimed to map the characteristics of the trips made by Brazilians and also quantify the flows of tourists to different regions of the country and abroad, contributing to the creation of public policies and the definition of Pasta’s shares and investments.

Continuous PNAD – Tourism learned about the characteristics of Brazilian travel, which allows a consistent evaluation of domestic tourism demand. According to the IBGE methodology, during the 3rd quarter of 2019, 72.5 million households were analyzed to obtain information on the reason for the trip, means of transport used, destination of the trip, among others. The research followed the recommendations of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), as well as the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Through the data and information collected, the MTur will be able to optimize the formulation of policies with a view to improving the country’s tourism structure, promoting destinations and rating tourism services and making destinations even more competitive. According to the Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Álvaro Antônio, the figures revealed by the alliance with IBGE are essential to better understand Brazilian tourists and plan policies to strengthen the sector, especially in the post-pandemic resumption.

“Tourism has been without this type of survey for eight years, which is essential to generate actions for the sector. Knowing the profile of the domestic traveler, and their preferences, will help us a lot in the resumption of tourism in Brazil and adds to the various measures that we have already taken since the beginning of the pandemic ”, evaluated the minister.

The survey reveals that 96.1% of the trips made during the survey period were to national destinations in Brazil and 3.9% abroad. In the case of personal trips, the reasons varied considerably: 36.1% visited family or friends, 31.5% traveled for leisure, 17.5% for health and wellness treatments, 3.8% for personal purchases, 3% for family or friends events and 2.9% for religion or pilgrimage, among others. On pleasure trips, Brazilians traveled the country in the period motivated by the sun and the beach (34.3%), culture (27.2%) and nature, ecotourism or adventure (25.6% ).

Most of the trips were made by private or company car (46.6%), followed by regular bus (16%), plane (15.3%), tourist bus, charter or tourism (7.1%) . %), van (4.1%) and motorcycle (2.1%), among others. The survey also revealed where the Brazilian tourist stayed. The option of a friend or relative’s house (47.3%) appears as the most mentioned, followed by hotel or flat (17.3%), inn (4.8%), own property (2.8%), among others.