Disney Cruise Line presents experiences for children, teenagers and young people on board the Disney Wish


A spaceship on a mission to aid the Resistance. A nautical park where the little cadets train with the most magical captains of the high seas. A modern space with an ultra exclusive VIP list.

With the addition of Star Wars: Cargo Bay, Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck and The Hideaway, Disney Cruise Line completes an unrivaled list of new experiences for children of all ages who will travel on Disney Wish beginning in the summer of 2022. More More than a set of themed spaces, these children’s centers will be transformed into living universes through magical entertainment presented with the care and expertise of trained Disney animators.

“With even more spaces, stories and characters than ever before, the stage is set to open up a series of truly extraordinary new experiences for kids aboard Disney Wish,” said Jim Urry, vice president of entertainment and Port Adventures for Disney Cruise. Line. “We combine renowned Disney entertainment, expertly developed programming, and creative storytelling that put children at the center of their own adventures alongside some of Disney’s most beloved characters including Mickey Mouse, Chewbacca, Black Panther, Rapunzel. , Belle, Anna and Elsa, and more. ”

Disney’s Oceaneer Club
Kids ages 3-12 will immerse themselves in their favorite Disney worlds at Disney’s Oceaneer Club, a real-life wonderland with more stories than ever. Previously announced spaces include Marvel Super Hero Academy, a high-tech facility for training the next generation of heroes; Fairytale Hall, a trio of royalty-free activity rooms inspired by Rapunzel, Bella and “Frozen”; and the Walt Disney Imagineering Lab, a unique opportunity for children to discover the secrets of the renowned Disney Imagineers. Completing Disney’s Oceaneer Club are two brand new spaces: Star Wars: Cargo Bay and Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck.

New Adventures in Star Wars: Cargo Bay
The peculiar creatures and legendary characters of the Star Wars galaxy will take center stage in Star Wars: Cargo Bay. This first-of-its-kind immersive experience will place kids in the important role of creature trainers as they learn to control a collection of mischievous exotic beings from across the galaxy, including a porg, Loth-cat, worrt, and more. Throughout the cruise, they will use augmented reality devices to track and study the creatures in a series of special tasks. But there’s more to this job than meets the eye: The new crew will join an important mission to bring a pair of secret stowaways, Rey and Chewbacca, back to the Resistance.

During the interactive “Star Wars: Creature Challenge” experience, newly assigned caretakers will be put to the test as they help feed alien creatures and encounter some of the most dangerous beings in the galaxy. When things go wrong, they must call on Rey and Chewbacca’s expertise, and even call on the Force, to protect the ship.

A celebration of exploration on Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck
Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck, specially designed for Disney’s Oceaneer Club’s younger boaters, is a nautical park inspired by the colors, icons and magic of Disney Cruise Line. This new space will be filled with a variety of marine-themed, physical, and sensory games and activities, such as slides, pipes, ship wheels, boxes that look like ship’s control panels, and comfortable areas with lifeguard-shaped seats.

When little cadets enter space, they will embark on a fun-filled adventure and enjoy quality playtime with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. At certain times during the trip, the space will be open to families of the very young to play in a group, and the young children of It’s a Small World Nursery will also have exclusive access to the club to explore, learn and play with Mickey and Minnie.

The exclusive experience will be “Minnie’s Captain Academy”, a very energetic training session for children to exercise their bodies (through fun games, dances and maritime “exercises”) and their minds, putting their imagination and ingenuity to the test during a series of challenges adjusted to the STEAM principles (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics). Captain Minnie will inspect your progress and officially declare you honorary captains!

Hora de juego con superhéroes, princesas y amigos “congelados”
En Disney’s Oceaneer Club, los niños pequeños tendrán más oportunidades que nunca para divertirse con los personajes de Disney con divertidos juegos y actividades – y cuando los personajes de Disney pasan por ahí, se quedan a jugar. Como “Star Wars: Creature Challenge” y “Minnie’s Captain Academy”, cada espacio ofrecerá experiencias memorables e interactivas únicas que son exclusivas de Disney Cruise Line.

En Marvel Super Hero Academy, los jóvenes reclutas se unirán a una sesión de capacitación práctica con Ant-Man y The Wasp, quienes les enseñarán cómo crear y probar sus propias partículas Pym, la tecnología que permite a estos héroes encoger y agrandar objetos (y a ellos mismos).
Also in Marvel Super Hero Academy, the little ones will team up with the masterminds of Pym Technologies and Wakandan Design Group – which includes a special appearance by Black Panther – to thwart Taskmaster’s evil plan to hack into the academy system and steal it. World’s most advanced superhero technology.
When Downtown Disney’s Oceaneer Club is transformed into Little Duckling’s Tavern from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Tangled, kids will have the best day with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider as they embark on a scavenger hunt to retrieve the missing pieces. of the sign at the entrance to the tavern.
In Bella’s library, children will use their imaginations to create the most daring, fun and fantastic new story for their favorite book lover. Bella will lend her wits and her magic mirror to help determine the characters, plot, and conclusion of the new story.
At Anna and Elsa’s Sommerhus, Arendelle’s newest citizens will join in a special celebration of Queen Anna’s recent coronation by enacting the story of how she became queen, taking on the iconic cinematic roles and moments of characters like Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Hans, and more, before the queen, her sister, and their snowman friend show up to join in the fun.
More fun for the coolest guests in all of Disney
Older kids can relax and play their way aboard Disney Wish in modern venues that combine sophisticated design with youthful Disney touches. At Edge, preteens ages 11-14 can have fun, make friends and play in a lively and colorful hangout inspired by a posh New York City loft.

Teens ages 14-17 will have their own signature club at Vibe, a chic space inspired by a Parisian artists’ loft with classic architectural elements, vibrant neon signs, and funky pop art.

For the first time on a Disney ship, Disney Wish will feature a third club for tweens and teens: The Hideaway. This new, modern gathering place will offer young adults a quiet place to relax, listen to music and more in a sophisticated setting with a dance floor and DJ booth, perfect for karaoke contests and dance competitions. The Hideaway will be adorned with a vibrant color palette, retro-inspired design details, a stylish mural that reads “Hiya, pal” and disco lights. Located next to Vibe, this flexible venue can be used as a teen club, closed for younger teen activities, and even reserved for 18-20 year olds only.

All three spaces will be filled with creative design details, comfortable lounges, high-tech entertainment, and an agenda packed with must-see activities.

Edge will feature an interior deck with a sunburst skylight, a fresh grass and daisies patterned rug, a back wall mural of a bright blue sky, and games inspired by a colorful outdoor urban park. . Throughout the space, graphic art displays called “picture walls” will provide ample opportunities for tweens to capture the cool of their vacation and be the envy of their friends back home.
Vibe will feature stately French columns and paneled walls covered with quirky pop art murals and colorful graffiti; a giant statue of Mickey Mouse, painted in bright colors; and a traditional Morris column with Disney-inspired travel posters. Combined with the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the ocean, every angle on Vibe will offer a selfie-worthy background for the hippest teens at sea.
Both Edge and Vibe will offer a lounge-like space with cozy furnishings, an oversized LED screen, and plenty of room for group hangout, as well as comfortable niches for solo play and movies. Each venue will include complimentary refreshments: Edge will have a refreshment bar, Vibe will serve soft drinks and coffee drinks, and The Hideaway will offer milkshakes.
Boom, baby! For tweens and teens, great fun awaits during the personalized program led by expert guides who will take into account the interests and tastes of each youngster, including a fun new competition inspired by one of Walt’s fan-favorite movies. Disney Animation Studios, “The Madness of the Emperor.” And the fun doesn’t stop there – the activities will even extend to other areas of the ship, with special events for tweens and teens at Hero Zone, Luna, and more.
It’s a Small World Nursery
As previously announced, little guests ages 6 months to 3 years will be cared for at It’s a Small World Nursery, where babysitting services will be provided in a fabulous setting inspired by the beloved Disney attraction of the same name. . Here, the little ones will play, craft, watch movies, read books, and spend time with Disney friends under the expert care of Disney-trained staff.

Opening Voyage and Inaugural Season
Disney Wish will set sail on her maiden voyage on June 9, 2022, followed by a season of three- and four-night cruises from Port Canaveral, Florida. Trips include stops in Nassau, the Bahamas, and on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.