Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino reopens with post COVID protocols


SANTO DOMINGO, RD, September 8, 2020 .- With the aim of continuing to offer its guests the opportunity to make their leisure or business trips without worries and protect their collaborators, the Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino announces the post protocols COVID-19 that will be implementing from this Friday, September 4.

“During our years of history, our highest priority has been people and we have always made sure to preserve their well-being. For this reason, in these moments in which it is essential to adapt quickly to the new reality that surrounds us and it is necessary to generate trust, we wanted to launch this new hygienic-sanitary protocol ”, said Leandro Tajes, General Manager of the hotel.

A firm commitment to safety, the Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino within the new measures, will adapt its cleaning and disinfection processes in its facilities, will implement hygiene initiatives such as the location of disinfectant gel, will enhance the digitization of all information , will extreme all procedures to offer maximum food safety, and will adapt spaces and mobility in order to preserve physical distance, among other actions.

The executive pointed out that, within these measures, we especially want to highlight the following: Cleaning, disinfection and protection , cleaning and disinfection work is being reinforced in each and every one of the spaces, such as: rooms, common areas, Convention Center , staff work areas and those elements that may come from outside, such as luggage.

Likewise, the use of masks will be mandatory for all hotel staff and for the guest when they are in the hotel’s common areas.

Social distance and capacity control, in this regard they detail “We will ensure that the social and safety distance of both guests and collaborators is respected and maintained within the entire hotel complex”.

Catering and food safety , in terms of food and beverage service, all operating procedures and quality manuals are being reviewed and adapted to continue offering high standards of food safety.

We will enhance the digitization of all information, through an APP where customers can access all hotel information, including the post-COVID19 standards and protocols that we are implementing in our properties. As well as information on the rest of our hotels in America. We will implement QR codes so that guests and customers can have the menus of the bars and restaurants available.

Good practices and training, in the different channels and platforms available in the hotel, we will transmit messages of sensitization, awareness and good practices and we will inform guests of all the measures that are being carried out, in addition to requesting their maximum collaboration for the compliance with these.

We will also provide the necessary protective equipment to our collaborators and offer them a specific training plan. Thus, our staff, in addition to following all the safety, disinfection and cleaning regulations, before and after each service, will be fully trained to resolve any type of query in this regard so that the client can be as informed as possible.

Under the commitment to maintain excellence in the product and service, all these actions that Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino incorporates always take into account the health regulations of the country with the aim that its guests and collaborators are protected at all times and feel as cared for as if you were at home.