Dominican government announces investments in Bayahibe


President Luis Abinader and Tourism Minister David Collado announced on Monday the construction of 500 new rooms in Bayahíbe and began work on the territorial reorganization plan for that destination in the Eastern region.

The information was offered within the framework of the signing of an agreement signed between eleven public and private institutions, in an act headed by President Abinader and Minister Collado.

“With the signing of this historic agreement, a before and after of tourism here in Bayahibe is marked. We could well define it as an unstoppable takeoff of this paradisiacal destination”, said Minister Collado.

Through the agreement, each entity assumes the commitment of concrete actions to be carried out immediately, aimed at strengthening Bayahibe as a destination, with the construction of more rooms, infrastructure and security works.

Through the agreement, the Ministry of Tourism undertakes to prepare and execute the Bayahibe Tourism Territorial Planning Plan.

Likewise, through its Executing Committee for Tourist Area Infrastructures (CEIZTUR), it will carry out the extension of the park at the entrance, located in front of the City Council offices.

Also, it will intervene from the current bus parking area, park with water eyes, to the point of the viewpoint, including Bayahibe flower forest and Bayahibe sign.

The Ministry of Tourism will also begin the construction of the new parking lot and the expansion of the bus parking lot on land that will be donated by Central Romana Corporation LTD.

The agreement, signed in the presence of President Abinader, was signed, in addition to Tourism, by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (INTRANT), the Navy of the Dominican Republic and the Dominican Port Authority.

It was also signed by the Bayahíbe Municipal Council, the Tourist Police (POLITUR), the National Police and the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD).