Dominican Minister of Tourism highlighted achievements of the Recovery Plan


The Dominican Republic projects a progressive increase both in hotel occupancy and in the incursion of a greater number of flights and airlines for the high winter season, as a result of the effective alliance between the public and private sectors to recover the country’s tourism industry, reported the Tourism Minister David Collado.

The official cited the cases of airlines such as Delta and Iberia that have reported an increase in their frequencies in November, December and up to ten weekly flights in January.

“This great effort is increasing flights to the Dominican Republic, we have news from Iberia, that the agreement we had with them was for three weekly flights and we already have news that we will have up to ten flights in a week in the month of January”, he claimed.

“We have seven weekly flights, that is, a daily flight in the month of December and now in November an increase to five flights,” said Collado, after adding that regarding the hotel occupancy rate, the projection for the month of December is of 50 percent, while for the tourist pole of the East region has grown by 100 percent.

The Minister of Tourism, who participated as a guest in the Asonahores Virtual Fair, attributed these positive results to the tenacious and joint effort together with the entire value chain of the industry and the public and private sectors to achieve an effective and robust sanitary protocol in response to Covid 19, as the main point of the work agenda since his arrival at Mitur.

“Today I can say that we are the country in the entire region that has the best conditions of an effective health protocol, which guarantees the safety of tourists and nationals who travel to the Dominican Republic,” he indicated.

He also expressed that measures such as the implementation of free insurance for tourists has generated confidence in the dynamization and gradual increase in the arrival of foreigners through the different air terminals.

In his participation in the Asonahores Virtual Fair, Minister Collado also referred to the positive results of the Incentive Plan for Internal Tourism, where agencies, tour operators and state and private banks have been involved, bringing an increase in hotel reservations of up to 60 percent.

Along with Minister Collado, the president of the entity, Paola Rainieri and Gloria Guervara Manzo, CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council (World Travel & Tourism Council) -WTTC- acronym in English, were also panelists at the Virtual Fair of Asonahores, where He addressed the situation surrounding the industry, given the impact of the pandemic and the growth prospects for the Dominican Republic, among other topics.