Dominican president delivered sanitary certifications to more than 100 hotels


The president has recognized important properties for their excellent compliance with the protocols to prevent COVID-19, ensuring the safety of tourists, employees, contractors and suppliers of the sector

President Luís Abinader delivered certificates to more than one hundred hotels in the country, for having fully complied with the Covid-19 prevention protocol in the tourism sector.

“This is not just another act, it is an act that contains the values ​​and work that so many people and so many institutions are doing to lift the tourism sector, recover our economy and relaunch our well-being,” said the president.

He stressed that the pandemic generated by COVID-19 has hit all nations, but the Dominican Republic has put all its energy into not losing the quality seal that the country exhibits.

“We should be able to guarantee the flow of tourists all the guarantees of free spaces from Covid-19 and all the measures to avoid and treat any contagion. And we have achieved it! Proof of this are these certifications. In all the inspections that the Ministry of Labor has carried out, it has observed that all the agreed sanitary protocols are met in an excellent way, ”he said.

He added that this has not only guaranteed the comfort and safety of the tourist, but also the health and reduction of the risk of contagion in the relationship with suppliers, contractors and sector employees.

Abinader maintained that in all the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Labor, he observed that the agreed sanitary protocols are adequately complied with, which has guaranteed the safety and health of the tourist, and avoided the risk of infection in their relationship with suppliers, contractors and employees of the sector.

Luis Abinader delivered the certificates together with the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel De Camps García, which validate compliance with the Covid-19 prevention protocol to the tourism sector.

In the ceremony that took place in the Las Cariátides room of the National Palace, the vice president, Raquel Peña, was also present.

It is recalled that, protected by Resolution No. 18-2020, it empowers in its article 4 the General Directorate of Hygiene and Industrial Safety of the Ministry of Labor to carry out operations in hotel areas.

The delivery of these certifications represents the more than 13,200 new and reactivated jobs in this sector, as a sign that the current authorities are following the guidelines of the President on the search for solutions for the economic reactivation and employment of the tourism sector .

On his side, the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel De Camps, highlighted that today’s officials have adopted the guidelines and examples emanating from the highest authority, assuming the call of the slogan #We are changing.

“This activity today is part of that change. It is evident in the collaboration and teamwork of the ministries, all coordinated in search of the best solutions for our country, ”he said.

These inspections are being carried out in order to safeguard jobs in the tourism sector from the impact of the pandemic that affects the country, as well as to maintain a faithful commitment together with other sectors to promote and reactivate local tourism.