Dominican Republic seeks inclusive tourism


Within two years, all formalized hotels in the Dominican Republic must have accessibility and inclusion for those with some type of disability.

The approach was made by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, who pointed out that accessibility is an acquired right and not a claim, therefore, the Dominican Republic will not be the exception.

“I publicly promise that, in the coming years, from the Ministry of Tourism, we will ensure that all hotels in the Dominican Republic are inclusive for all human beings,” Collado said.

The minister explained that a year ago, in Chicago, they signed an agreement with the non-profit organization Open Door, a specialist in creating accessibility in cities, and they will soon come to the country to finalize the agreement.

He explained that there is a considerable number of accessible hotels in the country, but more are needed, and others have to strengthen their access.

He stressed that all the works that the Ministry of Tourism is intervening, such as the boardwalks, are making them accessible. “It is an option that I have been doing since I was in the Mayor’s Office of the District, there was not a single work that was not accessible.”

He stressed that when he was in office, the number of people with disabilities exceeded 300,000, only in the National District.

Collado spoke on the subject during the opening of the V edition of the Ibero-American Summit on Accessible Tourism, organized by the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores) and the Association of Hotels of Santo Domingo (AHSD).