Dominican team wins Gold Olympics IKA Gastronomic Germany


The Dominican Republic won a gold medal at the Culinary Olympics, (Ika Culinary Olympics), the oldest and largest international culinary art exhibition that takes place from February 14 to 19 in Stuttgart, Germany.

The triumph was achieved by chef Ana Lebrón due to the preparation of a Fine Dining menu, five times with dessert included.

The outstanding Creole cook, after 25 years of experience with pastry recipes (cold desserts), competed with 52 countries, in which only RD and Mexico were, for Latin America.

To compete, Ana Lebrón formed a culinary Olympic team composed of Dominican chefs Patricia de Marchena and Laura Rizek and the international mentoring of chefs Víctor Sommo, and the winner of the Olympic World Cup, chef George Castañeda.

“This win is not from Ana Lebrón. It belongs to the country that saw me born and allowed me to channel my interest in the highest level professional cuisine. It belongs to all Dominicans who once believed in my talent. It also belongs to my teachers in the restaurants of the world where I learned more and more to have better attitudes for creation and reward the taste of diners, ”said the triumphant professional of cooking.

In 2019 the Culinary Olympics, IKA, are part of INTERGASTRA, one of the leading European fairs in gastronomy and hospitality and in it competed two thousand chefs and pastry chefs will compete with each other and show their culinary creations before 100,000 people which is the estimated established visitors , almost all professionals (chefs, restaurant executives from Europe, tour operators, travel agencies, tourism project managers and diners of high and medium level of consumption).

Ana Lebrón has dedicated herself to work for a “Dominican white-glove kitchen,” as she calls for the effort to bring our culinary art to meet the highest standards of performance in the kitchen. She has been, the culinary journalist Elaine Hernández Pión, a competitor and judge in these international events, tells us until today she reaches the title of “Director of the Culinary Cup of the Americas” and president and founder of the Dominican chapter of the renowned Culinary Federation American, ACF.

The body of judges was integrated, for all categories, by 60 chefs who had among their award criteria general creative performance, perfection, precision, the creation of an outstanding flavor, time management, work organization, the cleaning in the kitchen and the presentation of the dish.