Expotur reaches its 35th edition with the best performance indicators


Expotur 2019 – which celebrates its 35th edition – will be held from 9 to 10 May at the National Congress and Convention Center, comes to this edition with the best figures obtained in recent years in indicators such as assistance, increase in sales companies, quantity and stay of the target public mobilized as well as average expenditure and income generated for the country.

Expotur has established itself as the main tourist marketing stock exchange in the country, organized by the Costa Rican Association of Tourism Professionals (ACOPROT), with the support of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

This occasion, also the micro, small and medium tourist Costa Rican companies will have a leading role in this fair, because to be seen as a fundamental axis of tourism management that drives the ICT, will have special conditions for participation in this fair. It should be remembered that only in the lodging sector, 94% of establishments are made up of small and medium-sized companies.

“Edition 35 of Expotur is a moment of great joy for the achievements, but at the same time a great commitment to the national tourism sector at a time when competitiveness, which increases by the immediacy of communications, drives us to improve and specialize our offer. We come to this edition with a substantial improvement in our indicators, while we open space so that more and more MSMEs – a segment in constant growth – consolidate and captivate more tourists interested in that differentiating element they offer, “said Erasmo Rojas , president of ACOPROT.

Costa Rica will be offered to all visiting buyers as a sustainable multi destination, where visitors can find not only the wonders that natural diversity offers but also do business, enjoy nightlife, cultural offerings, traditions, adventure, wellness tourism , sun and beach, all within a framework of sustainability, which gives competitiveness to the national tourism sector.

Success indicators

In the last 5 years, Expotur increased in the statistics of assistance of 145 purchasing companies in 2014 to 200 in 2018 and with a record expectation of at least 230 in 2019. While in the case of the companies selling tourist services was spent from 260 to 348 in the same period.

In terms of performance indicators (how the results of each Expotur are evaluated), in the amount of target audience mobilized we find that since 2016 it has been able to attract more than 600 delegates representing more than 150 international wholesale agencies in each edition.

With regard to the average stay of the target public mobilized, the buyers with subsidized participation have an average stay in Costa Rica of 3 nights, and of 5 nights those who participate on a regular basis. In the case of sellers who move from different areas of the country and who use lodging in San José, they stay for an average of 3.5 nights.

An important item is also the average daily expenditure of foreign buyers during Expotur that reaches $ 108.95 and in the case of domestic sellers who likewise make consumption of services during Expotur, is $ 29.77. These data are taken from the Economic Spill Study of Expotur 2018.

No less important are the income generated for the country, region or company of influence. As part of the measurements carried out by ACOPROT in order to know the impact generated by the fair, the Study on the Economic Spill of Expotur was prepared during 2017, which yielded important figures:

The investment of the selling companies or sellers reached the line of $ 812,128.00. This amount includes the national and international exhibiting companies participating in the event, refers to the investment of companies in transportation, decoration and promotional materials, accommodation, payment to employees, other associated expenses.
The expense generated by international buyers or buyers was valued at $ 117,276.61; and takes into account the lodging, transportation, food and other associated expenses for their stay before, during and after the event.

On the tax revenues generated, the estimated amount corresponds to $ 141,572.00; same that includes sales taxes, withholdings and exit taxes and air tickets generated around the project.
Additionally, it was concluded that, in its organization, its start-up and execution, Expotur represents around 2.7 million dollars for Costa Rica, not to mention the triggering effect in terms of businesses that produced tourist currencies at the end of each year and in addition to other effects associated with the event as national and international unpaid advertising.