Female entrepreneurship: a key piece to reinvent tourism


According to UNWTO data, 54% of the workforce is female. Therefore, the future of the sector depends to a large extent on innovative projects driven by women

If there is a sector especially hit by this crisis, it is Tourism. An industry in crisis that depends on its own reinvention and the freelancers and companies that continue to fight for it. One of the fields in which the most progress has been made in recent times is gender equality, according to the latest report from the World Tourism Organization, the majority of the workforce worldwide is female, with 54% in compared to 39% in the overall economy.

Digitization and technology have facilitated this female empowerment in the sector, since it provides women with more training opportunities and stimulates entrepreneurship from home anywhere in the world.

The tourism sector needs to digitize and provide security to the traveler so that they regain confidence when traveling, but it also needs tourism professionals to undertake new ways of generating business, new creative and innovative ideas so that the sector comes out stronger when the mobility is possible again.

Female entrepreneurship boosts the industry
Spain is one of the six countries in the world that present similar rates of entrepreneurship between men and women. 9 women out of 10 men are entrepreneurs, which places us above the European average. Of course, in terms of management positions there is still much to do since women only occupy 33% of them, according to data from Women in e-travel, a community dedicated to increasing female visibility in online tourism management .
One of the female projects that stands out most this year in the tourism sector is the one led by Sara Navarrete, who in the midst of confinement has created Link4Tour, the first community for tourism professionals in the world. It will have the largest database of executives in the industry so that they can promote themselves to the entire community.

“At Link4Tour professionals have a space in which to find new forms of business with other experts in the sector like themselves. A space in which to create synergies and gain visibility for your business with just 4 clicks from your computer ”, explains Sara Navarrete.