FITUR Travel Technology 2023 presents the latest innovations


More than 60 companies will participate in this space, within the framework of FITUR, which will be held from January 18 to 22, 2023 at IFEMA MADRIDMore than 60 companies will participate in this space, within the framework of FITUR, which will be held from January 18 to 22, 2023 at IFEMA MADRID

The improvement of hotel management, digitization, the use of artificial intelligence, the personalization of the customer experience, the enhancement of reservations, efficiency and profitability are among the main proposals of FITUR TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY 2023. More than 60 companies will participate in this space, where the main suppliers of technology and innovative solutions for the next generation of travel will meet, which takes place within the framework of FITUR, International Tourism Fair, organized by IFEMA MADRID, from 18 to 22 January 2023.

Improvement of hotel management

The improvement of hotel management, omnichannel communication and the most advanced software applications will be present at FITUR TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY. Hotel Data Flow presents We_Love_Data, the solution for 100% digitized comprehensive hotel management, which generates high-impact information for data-based decision-making. Asksuite provides smart, omnichannel communication for hotels and resorts, with a platform that offers centralized control of all channels and best-in-class automation (the company has won the international award for Best Hotel Chatbot for three years in a row). While Duetto enables revenue teams to deploy and scale profitable strategies through real-time data integration.

Digital management in Hotelkit makes it possible to carry out daily tasks in a structured way (shift changes at reception, checklists of daily routines, nightly security rounds, buffet breakfast arrangement…). Octorate offers an all-in-one software for Hotels, B&Bs and apartments that improves and automates all processes related to accommodation in an intuitive way. Hotelgest will present an autonomous and personalized system on any device, time and place. And Fairmas provides an intuitive solution for financial reporting and control, which shows the most relevant KPIs to maximize profits. 

Digitization and artificial intelligence

Digitization, artificial intelligence and advances in customer registration provide great advantages for both hotels and customers, as can be seen at FITUR TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY. Delta Informatica presents at the fair all the innovations in digitalization software and registration of people. Eisi Soft helps digitize and manage operational, technical-legal, hygienic-sanitary and environmental processes that must be carried out in facilities and assets of various kinds. And Roommatik offers self-check-in solutions and products adapted to the needs of each establishment. With more than 50 PMS integrations and the main brands of electronic locks, its check-in kiosks allow to speed up the arrival of guests and increase the profitability of the hotel.

Briguest proposes a digital communication platform developed with artificial intelligence that allows the guest to communicate with the hotel at all times. HiJiffy presents an operating system that also uses artificial intelligence to create refined interactions between hotels and their customers, with the ability to understand emotions. And OTA Insight helps properties make better distribution and revenue management decisions with business intelligence tools hosted in the cloud.

Personalization and customer experience

Eroom Suite allows hotel businesses to optimize processes in the areas of entertainment, connectivity, interactivity and technology to offer hyper-personalized experiences, while increasing profitability. IDeaS improves controls and revenue with easy-to-use, all-in-one management solutions that also boost results. GuestPro, a 360º platform, connects the accommodation with the guest at all stages of the “guest journey”. While Mews, an innovative cloud for hospitality, makes it possible to improve performance, maximize revenue and deliver remarkable customer experiences.

Shiji Group offers a wide range of software solutions, such as a state-of-the-art enterprise point of sale and property management system for hotel groups. The SuitePad digital guest directory optimizes communication in the room and combines the digital portfolio with the travel guide, the services menu, the television remote control, the telephone, etc. in one device. And BEONx optimizes pricing and distribution based on consumer expectations and buying behavior.

Boosting reserves

Paraty World’s parent company, Paraty Tech, presents the latest developments in its booking engine, such as a new flexible calendar that offers the customer the possibility of varying the dates of the trip. Regiondo markets its system for operators of tours and tourist and leisure activities. RoomRaccoon proposes a complete “all-in-one” solution, combining PMS (property management system), channel manager, booking engine and payment platform. While Sihot includes a booking engine, a point of sale system, an event management platform and more than 20 modules to customize the PMS.

Stay brings to the fair its digital reservation of services (room service, spa, sports facilities…), real-time surveys, smartphone communication between staff and guests and digital management of requests. And The Hotels Network provides analytics tools that make it easier for hotel brands to engage and connect with guests. 

Efficiency and profitability

Efficiency in the operation and profitability of the business are key elements in hotel development, as will also be seen at FITUR TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY. Niikiis presents a human resources software that not only improves operational efficiency, reducing time and costs in manual and repetitive tasks, but also increases employee loyalty. RoomCloud offers software for hotels and vacation rentals dedicated to OTA distribution, online sales and GDS connections; and, in addition, it allows the connection to metasearch engines (Google Hotel Ads, Trivago and TripAdvisor) to strategically manage and increase revenue.

Wavycat by Wavyssa is the first revenue software developed by and for vacation hoteliers, which optimizes revenue from all channels, online and offline, reduces costs and increases profitability. While LoungeUp, an all-in-one platform already used by more than 3,000 tourist accommodation providers, not only simplifies and personalizes the guest experience, but also streamlines operations and maximizes property revenue.