Furlong Fox and FCM team up to form a millionaire business


Furlong-Fox and FCM Travel Solutions, one of the four leading global corporate travel companies, announced an alliance that places them among the largest travel and corporate event operators in Argentina, with a business of around $ 3.5 billion annually for this year that is ending and prospects to exceed $ 4,000 million next year.

Furlong-Fox is an Argentine company, resulting from the merger in 2002 of Furlong World Travel Service and Fox Tour, two tourism services companies with 65 and 20 years of experience, respectively. Its two main business areas are travel and corporate events, although it also has a leisure travel division. In its offices in Buenos Aires, almost 200 people work.

For its part, FCM Travel Solutions is, together with Amex GBT, CWT and BCD Travel, one of the leading global companies in the business travel management industry. It belongs to the Flight Center Travel Group, an Australian group that began in the segment of pleasure trips and that since 1990, through strategic acquisitions and incorporation of innovative technology, consolidated in the segment of business or corporate travel. Currently, it has more than 8,000 employees in 95 countries.

The agreement between the two companies will have an immediate impact on the Furlong-Fox operation in Argentina, since it will not only add to FCM’s global clients, but also incorporate a wide range of services derived from the technological tools developed by the Australian group, which will allow you to consolidate and expand your local portfolio.

“We are very excited about this agreement with a fresh, distinct and avant-garde company like FCM, which will allow us to make a leap in technological and operational terms, to be in tune with what is happening with the corporate travel industry in the world ”Said Furlong-Fox president Carlos Taboada.

For his part, Maren Hanschke, Director of the Latin American & Caribbean Network of FCM, said that “Our alliance with Furlong-Fox in Argentina is part of an important growth plan that will allow us to consolidate and expand our network of regional and global clients , with quality allies in key markets such as this one ”.