Gender equality in tourism: More women, more opportunities


Sabine Hansen Peck, SVP People & Culture, Communication and Brand of Amadeus shares a column where he recounts the vision of the technology firm on gender equality

Every day it becomes more common to see how women are opening spaces in places historically reserved for men. It is no surprise to anyone to see women in directories, in C-Level positions and actively participating in public policies and Government, but unfortunately there is still a lot left in terms of integration and female participation in industries in traditionally masculine lands, as is the case of The technology industry.

It is complex to establish the causes of this low presence of women, but I think that this disparity starts from the university, since, globally, the careers that lead to work in this business are usually careers of high male presence. It is from there that the disparity begins and although today it is much more common to see women in scientific or mathematical careers, there is still a large gap to close. At Amadeus we believe it is crucial to start this very young task, and that is why we work to encourage young women to pursue a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) through our support for several projects such as Inspiring Girls in Spain and Brazil and our sponsorship of the Code First: Girls conference in the United Kingdom. Inspiring Girls is an organization that offers the example of women as a professional model for girls aged 11 to 15, who have the opportunity to meet women of different professions that are not traditionally “for women” in order to broaden their vision of available professions, clarify doubts and understand that women who work in these fields should not be an exception.

Within the company, we are also working for a change for the industry. We have incorporated gender equality objectives into our People & Culture processes, focusing on reducing the gender pay gap and ensuring proportional participation in developing programs, equal opportunities for promotions and recruitment processes without gender bias.

The area I manage in Amadeus, People & Culture, meets regularly to review promotions for management positions and we take diversity into account, particularly in the gender dimension. We are proud of our Amadeus Women Network that shares best practices and helps women to progress professionally. All the measures led to a proportionally higher promotion rate for women and now we have 29% of women at the senior management level, and our main objective in the short and medium term is to continue increasing this percentage.

We believe that a greater participation of women in the industry also depends to a large extent on how much companies are willing to bet on them and encourage their participation in the processes, and for this, we regularly review our selection criteria to avoid any kind of bias and ensure that our job offers are neutral in terms of sex. We closely monitor the remuneration processes to avoid any inequality due to gender. We care about the balance between private and professional life and we also establish mentoring programs that make it easier for our employees to have access to members of senior management. Women in Amadeus receive training through cross-counseling programs and the work of Amadeus Women Networks led by the collaborators themselves.

We are very proud of what we have achieved and are committed to continue working to create a workplace with equal opportunities for the entire workforce. We believe in the capabilities of women, we celebrate their participation. We appreciate what they bring to an industry in which they have historically had less participation – but to which they have contributed with notable contributions – and that today is deeply benefited by an increasing presence of women, contributing from different places, humanizing technology and making our company a much better place.