Hotel sentiment survey: what does re-opening look like during a pandemic?


Cendyn shares with us an interesting report that reveals the opinion of more than 200 hotel companies around the world

In a recent survey conducted at Cendyn, have been consulted hoteliers from across the globe to ask them how they are managing their re-opening strategy during a global pandemic. As a reminder to all, hotels are in different situations across the globe – not every one is closed right now but many were closed for a significant time and are just re-opening or planning to re-open, albeit at a limited capacity. There are also a number of hotels that are closed for the foreseeable future. This survey is focused on re-opening strategies for hotels across the globe and what their priorities are during this uncertain time. We look at the data from a global perspective throughout.

A resounding 86% of respondents said that technology would help with recovery and just 4% said that it wouldn’t. While our industry prepares for social-distancing and pre-emptive cleanliness for both guests and staff, it is clear that technology must place a significant part in this.

The top 4 technologies were contactless technology, sanitation technology, CRM, and Revenue Management. Amongst the ‘other’ category, we saw technology such as: virtual meeting and conferencing technology, digital marketing and security technology.

Even with limited budgets and resources, hoteliers across the globe are looking at ways to drive revenue through their sales and marketing channels. Sending targeted email campaigns (77%) seems to be the most common way to ramp up activity, followed by running offers to all guests (65%) and offers to loyalty members (55%).

Cendyn provide to hoteliers around the globe innovative technology solutions that enable deeper, more meaningful guest relationships by empowering hotel staff with the data they need at every touchpoint in the guest journey.

You can get access to the report here