Hotelmize & Juniper sign a collaboration agreement


In recent months it has been seen how more and more companies related to the tourism sector have made the leap to include cutting-edge technology to adapt to the new needs of tourists, who demand more digital services.

Faced with this scenario, innovation and strategic alliances are essential to achieve a good customer experience and guarantee their safety, but also for tourism companies to optimize their processes and obtain greater profits.

One of the most recent alliances for the benefit of the tourism sector is the collaboration between Juniper and Hotelmize, whose combination of technological solutions will create a profitable infrastructure for wholesalers, bed-banks or bed banks, online travel agencies (OTA) and local agencies travel integrators (DMC).

Juniper, meanwhile, is a leader in travel technology with cutting-edge solutions that help hundreds of tourism businesses internationally. With a team of more than 280 experts in Internet technologies and the travel sector, the company offers innovative solutions to improve your web efficiency and user-friendly, intranets and extranets, tailored to your needs and preferences.

With its two advanced reservation systems, Juniper Booking Engine and Cangooroo Booking Engine, companies can improve their reservation processes and internal management, reducing costs and increasing their sales.

This alliance with Hotelmize will allow Juniper’s more than 360 clients in 50 countries to increase their profit margins.

The Startup Hotelmize, on the other hand, has positioned itself in the last year as one of the most important innovation companies in the travel industry, a leader in the revenue management segment in Europe, Asia and America.

Its next generation technology solutions for tour operators and travel wholesalers allow you to maximize profits. Its commitment to the use of AI, Machine Learning and Big Data, is at the forefront of post-booking solutions by being able to compare fluctuations in hotel rates and predicting prices.

With this tool, travel companies can discover excellent opportunities from those who obtain higher profit margins.

The company was chosen as the winner of the Phocuswright Europe Innovation Summit 2020, and took home the People’s Choice award from EMEA.

Its co-founder and CEO Dor Krubiner attended the Phocuswright Young Leaders Summit as one of the rising stars who will define the future of tourism.