Hotels begin to offer rooms to tourists


SANTO DOMINGO, RD.- Several hotels have begun to offer room reservations to welcome tourists, both national and international, who choose to vacation in the country, once the opening of tourism and air operations are authorized.

The Punta Cana airport announced that it has already confirmed the arrival of 10 flights by July 1, when it resumes operations.

The hotel sector comes into effect in phase four of the de-escalation call, where 100% of the productive activities will enter, leaving behind the closure measures implemented in mid-March to contain the Covid-19, maintaining the preventive measures.

Among the hotels that announced their opening is Casa de Campo Resort, which reported that from July 1 it will resume operations.
He also disclosed the details of the protocol necessary to implement within the “Casa Cares” health and safety standards program, which is part of the actions being developed to ensure the highest level of security on the property.

Andrés Pichardo Rosenberg, president of Casa de Campo Resort and Villas who, as part of the “Casa Cares” program, said that Casa de Campo has made significant investments in materials and equipment, as well as training of personnel.

The Radisom Hotels, Catalonia, and others located in Punta Cana are also selling tickets, including those of AM Resort.