Iberostar Group receives two awards at WTM Latin America 2022 for its responsible tourism model


The hotel chain receives the highest gold award in the category “Decarbonization in travel and tourism” and the silver award for its actions to “Reduce plastic waste in the environment”

Grupo Iberostar has been twice awarded gold and silver for Responsible Tourism at the WTM Latin America 2022 awards ceremony for its promotion of an environmentally friendly tourism model. These awards recognize the hotel company for its contribution to the decarbonisation of the sector and its pioneering initiatives to reduce waste.

The ceremony, held on April 6 in São Paulo (Brazil), has distinguished the hotel chain with gold and silver awards in two Responsible Tourism categories for its projects related to “Decarbonization in travel and tourism” and the ” Reduction of plastic waste in the environment”.

After collecting the awards at the gala, the Director of Sustainability of the Iberostar Group for Latin America, Gabriel Martorell, stated that “sustainability is the engine of Iberostar that is transforming the way travel is perceived.” He also thanked the organization for “recognizing the projects that have the circular economy at the center of their strategy as a key to protecting the environment and that the Iberostar Group has consolidated in its own 2030 Agenda.” 

The highest gold distinction in the category “Decarbonization in travel and tourism” recognizes the efforts of the Iberostar Group to advance the global decarbonization goal by 20 years and set carbon neutrality by 2030.

For its part, the silver award in the category “Reduction of plastic waste in the environment” distinguishes the initiative that Grupo Iberostar launched in 2020 to eliminate all single-use plastics from all its operations in its over a hundred hotels around the world.

Through its pioneering Wave of Change movement for sustainability, the Iberostar Group has carried out major actions in recent years to conserve the environment and fight climate change.

The company is now focusing on the following pillars set out in its 2030 Agenda: operating under the parameters of the circular economy, the decarbonisation of the company planned for 2030, elimination of waste by 2025, the responsible consumption of fish and shellfish and the improvement of coastal health in all the ecosystems that surround its hotels.

“Our goals set for this decade are essential to continue advancing in the leadership of responsible tourism. Our desire is to inspire more and more people to continue the experience with Iberostar, and for this reason we are grateful for these recognitions that do nothing more than push us to achieve goals ambitious to protect and conserve the health of the environment and of people”, concludes Martorell.