Iberostar reaffirms its commitment to tourism


The hotel group celebrates World Environment Day and Oceans Day this week with actions in its more than 100 hotels around the world

Iberostar’s ambitious goal is to improve the health of the ecosystems that surround its destinations by 2030 and thus continue to lead a responsible tourism model that cares for the seas and oceans and for people. To achieve this goal, the hotel group is leading the protection and restoration of essential ecosystems such as coral reefs, mangroves, coastal dunes and seagrasses together with its scientific team.

In all the Iberostar hotels around the world, customers have participated this week in different initiatives with the aim of raising awareness and demonstrating that every small gesture is big for the ocean. In this way, the more than 25 Iberostar hotels in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Lima and Jamaica have joined the global movement under the slogan “Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean” and, among other actions, in some hotels Murals dedicated to the ocean have been painted, beach clean-ups have been carried out, activities such as yoga on the beach, gymnastics in the water or diving trips and discovering the beauty of the coasts.

Megan Morikawa, Global Sustainability Director of the Iberostar Group, highlighted that “these initiatives align us with a growing demand for sustainable and responsible tourism from our clients. Our commitment to caring for the oceans not only helps create a more resilient business model, with strategic actions in the medium and long term, but also makes our clients participate with small daily actions like these. We believe it is important to celebrate days like today so that our clients feel more involved than ever in our mission and can feel that we are building alliances together.”

New Global Coastal Health Strategy

This month of June ends with the celebration in Lisbon of the UN Ocean Conference, where Iberostar will participate by presenting its new global coastal health strategy worldwide. With the new plan, Iberostar will announce its major objectives to promote a tourism model that improves the health of marine and coastal ecosystems in its destinations, in a way that benefits both local communities and tourism activity.

In this way, Iberostar reaffirms its commitment for this decade with its own 2030 Agenda for sustainability, based on major objectives based on science and focused on: the circular economy, the responsible consumption of fish and shellfish, improvements in coastal health and the care and involvement of both clients and the sector to raise awareness about a regenerative tourism and more responsible with the environment.