LATAM Airlines reinforces safety and hygiene strategy


In the permanent search to offer innovative solutions in matters of safety and operational hygiene, and in line with the recommendations of international authorities, the LATAM group announced news in this area:

Starting March 1, LATAM Airlines will ban the use of valve masks (any model), mouth guards, scarves and cloth bandanas on all its flights due to their proven low efficiency in filtering viruses and bacteria.

Those passengers who do not comply with these measures will not be boarded. It is recommended to carry replacement masks on long-duration flights, following the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use and time of the masks

Antiviral surface on aircraft
During February, the fitting out of a sheet with antibacterial and antiviral properties was completed, placed on the tables located at each seat in one of the aircraft in the LATAM fleet in Chile.

This pilot initiative ensures complete elimination of viruses and bacteria, with proven resistance to repetitive cleaning and use by passengers, without altering their action.

COVID-19 test taking agreements
As a way to support the safe return of domestic and international transportation, the LATAM group has signed agreements with important clinical laboratories in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, the United States and Peru, ensuring access to PCR tests for detection of COVID-19 at a preferential rate.

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