Lennox Hotel Miami Beach prepares for its opening


Lennox Hotels will soon open the Lennox Hotel Miami Beach, which will be a luxury boutique hotel and will offer an elegant and sophisticated stay. Located in what was the Peter Miller Hotel, built in 1936 and in the heart of the historic district area, Lennox Hotels underwent a complete transformation of the property, maintaining its legacy by retaining its original Art Deco architectural style. The CEO of Lennox Hotels, Diego Agnelli, bought the historic building for USD 14.7 million in 2010 and, in total, has invested more than USD 100 million for its renovation.

The structure was designed by architect Russell Pancoast in 1934. The property has the distinction of being among the 300 Miami Beach buildings that were rented by the United States Army for the Air Force Technical Training Command during the Second World War. World. The buildings were reused for civil use in 1943 and remained military property until 1944. The structure is part of the Historic District.

The transformation of the original structure of the hotel was the work of veteran architect Beilison Gómez. Upon entering through the front doors of the hotel, located at the corner of Collins Avenue and 19th Street, guests waiting in the lobby will be greeted by the waiters at the hotel bar, the best resting area to relax. On the right, you will find the lobby and, on the left, the hallway will take you to the hotel’s exclusive restaurant. The hotel preserved its history through the preservation of its authentic facade, the original floors and the arches on the terrace. The rest of the interior was completely restored and a 12-meter-long pool was incorporated, located in the center of the four interconnected buildings.

The hotel has 119 rooms, 13 of them with a small balcony that offers a panoramic view of the attractive streets of Miami Beach. Each room is equipped with handcrafted furniture from Argentine Patagonia and green and recycled materials, which were meticulously curated by the acclaimed Argentine interior designer, Juan Ciavarella. Soft neutral tones and unique textures combine to create a peaceful atmosphere throughout the hotel. In addition, each room will have minibars equipped with Nosh MARKT products, so that all guests can enjoy organic products of local origin.

“One of the most special features of Lennox Hotel Miami Beach is that none of the rooms is the same as another,” said Diego Agnelli, CEO of Lennox Hotels. “Each room has its own individual touches, whether it’s the custom-made artwork on the walls, the general layout of the rooms or the decor, our goal is to give each guest their own experience at the hotel.”

The team also announced the partnership with William Roam, who provides the luxury bathroom products that are offered in each guest room. From the SENSE collection of the brand, these products offer a skin care, made 100% with natural products. A complete collection that allows you to enjoy an exuberant and hydrated skin and hair. William Roam is a partner in American Forrest, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and restoration of healthy forest ecosystems. Thanks to this partnership, American Forest has committed to plant one tree for each hotel room at the Lennox Hotel Miami Beach.

Lennox Hotel Miami Beach recently launched its official website with exclusive images and information for guests.