Luxury space at FESTURIS will be expanded


Betting on the luxury market was a visionary act five years ago and remains one of the differentials of the Gramado International Tourism Fair (FESTURIS). Today consolidated, Espaço Luxury will have a new location in this edition, expanding its internal area from 360m² to 500m². Marketing has just started and more than 30% of the spaces have already been sold. Major brands renewed their participation and others invest for the first time in the fair’s potential.

In view of the consolidation at the national and international level, FESTURIS has an enormous responsibility for being the only Brazilian luxury fair with a concept project. Among its differentials are comfort, exclusivity and excellent business generation for the luxury segment. Exhibitors have an exclusive social program and this year they will receive a special commemorative gift for the fifth edition.

With each edition, Espaço Luxury evolves in the number of brands, improves trust relationships with exhibitors, performs a qualified selection of buyers and expands its credibility in the tourism industry. Among the brands confirmed so far are: Monaco, Seychelles, San Francisco, Palmaïa, RCD Hotels, CC Hotels, April, Uneworld and Velle Representações.

“Reaching the fifth edition of Espaço Luxury with enormous growth fills us with pride and satisfaction. We are recognized by the national and international trade as a fair that really generates business with exclusivity, comfort and responsibility. During the preparation and organization of the next edition, we always receive affectionate and stimulating messages that give us the certainty that we are on the right path. We will do the best of all editions, full of news ”, highlights Luxury Manager, Marcelo Zingalli.

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