Machupicchu, the world’s first carbon neutral tourist destination


Historic Sanctuary has received the certificate thanks to a series of initiatives that have been put into practice to take care of the environment

Excellent news for the Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu. And it is that, after various actions, this World Heritage Site has received the Carbon neutral certificate, which recognizes Machupicchu as the first wonder of the world and the first international tourist destination to obtain the Carbon Neutral certificate.

As indicated by the district mayor Darwin Baca León, among some of the actions that were carried out, the installation of the only organic waste treatment plant that exists in Peru, a pyrolysis plant, stands out, which transforms garbage into natural coal. In addition, the reforestation process of one million trees for the Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu began, which allows mitigating climate change.

Wonder of the world
Located in the Cusco province of Urubamba, this sanctuary was built -approximately- during the middle of the 15th century. Its location, in a remote area of ​​the Peruvian Andes, and the effort of the Incas to hide their roads, made it go unnoticed for almost 400 years.
But all this changed in 1911, when the American explorer, Hiram Bingham -guided shepherds in the area- arrived at Machupicchu and later made it known to the world thanks to a publication in the renowned National Geographic magazine.

To get there, you must first travel to the city of Cusco. From Lima, by plane, the journey takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes; while, by bus, the trip is 17-22 hours. Once you are in the ‘navel of the world’, the fastest way to get to this World Heritage Site is by train. The trip takes about 3 hours. Every morning routes depart from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes (the town closest to the citadel).

Another alternative is to go on foot through the Inca trail. If you are a lover of trekking and adventure, this experience will undoubtedly leave you ecstatic. It is an excursion that lasts from three to five days, in which you will enjoy beautiful landscapes. The best time to visit Machupicchu is during the dry season. This runs from May to August, months where the days are sunny.