Marriott Bonvoy launches its new global campaign “The Power of Travel”


The initiative calls on the world to embrace the transformative power of travel as a vital avenue for growth, healing and togetherness

After enduring a pandemic in which travel virtually ceased for the first time in modern history and society became more isolated, Marriott Bonvoy – Marriott International’s award-winning travel program and space – is making a very strong statement: travel is an antidote to prejudice and closed minds. In its new global campaign ” The Power of Travel, ” Marriott Bonvoy calls on the world to embrace the transformative power of travel as a vital avenue for growth, healing and togetherness.

Through audience and cultural understanding, the 360º Global Campaign serves as a powerful and timely message for many. A year of isolation and separation reopened the wounds of society and left people around the world more distant than ever. As the world begins to open up again, Marriott Bonvoy advocates traveling with a renewed sense, not just to escape, but to discover ourselves, others, and the world we all share.

“When we go out into the world, the places, cultures and people we encounter transform us forever,” said Diana Plazas-Trowbridge, Director of Sales and Marketing for Marriott International in the Caribbean and Latin America. “Traveling has an undeniable impact on the human spirit, in light of the past year, this is a crucial moment to recognize the importance of going beyond our little corners in an effort to improve ourselves and society.”

Since its inception more than 90 years ago, Marriott has embodied the belief that travel is essential to humanity. Latin Americans agree with this belief because they really love to travel. 70% of Latin Americans affirm that traveling is among the three most important activities of their life. In the current environment, this sentiment is more relevant than ever after a long period of stagnation that is reflected in the pent-up demand that the industry is seeing. Within the next six months, 66% of Latin Americans are planning to take a trip, which will surely be full of purpose. From exhausted workers who yearn for a new perspective outside of their home offices and postponed honeymoons,

The new slogan, “Where can we take you?”, Evokes not only the physical destinations one arrives when traveling, but the personal and spiritual destinations to which the journey transports one. The brand believes in the ability of travel to help us grow, heal and find balance.

Embodying the spirit of the brand, the film features captivating scenes that capture authentic travel moments based on self-discovery, bonding and transformation. The video was shot in Shanghai, Barcelona and Los Angeles. The visually inspiring scenes tell genuine stories of travelers strengthening old bonds, forging new ones, daring to try something new, embracing differences through shared adventures and much more to highlight how travel is transformative and what Marriott Bonvoy is. the vehicle to experience the world.

In detail, the campaign brings together an integrated effort, using the entire Marriott ecosystem with impactful media to connect with the consumer and the specific stage of the journey they are in. The campaign will be launched in several Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru. During the coming months, the broadcast and key moments of the campaign will be available on television, digital media, social networks and even external billboards to increase visibility and connection with the community. In the original Marriott Bonvoy Traveler digital publication, a new editorial series entitled “How to Travel Better” is available.

This new campaign follows on from the 2019 Marriott Bonvoy global campaign, which announced the new name of the travel program, expressing the joy of “bon voyage” made possible by the unrivaled portfolio of brands, renowned hospitality culture and the incomparable benefits for its members.

“Marriott Bonvoy has grown from a rewards program to an immersive and inclusive travel platform,” added Diana Plazas-Trowbridge. “With more than 7,800 hotels suitable for each trip, 30 hotel brands willing to receive all types of travelers and an endless number of experiences that await you, it will not be a simple reservation with us, but an experience that we provide. Our associates are prepared to welcome the world with warmth and care, while opening the doors to discover the wonders that surround each destination. ”

To rekindle the spirit of travel, people from all over the world are invited to join the celebration and connect with each other by sharing their memories of #ViajarNosHace on Instagram.