Marriott celebrates LGBTQ + Pride month in Latin America and the Caribbean


Marriott International is proud to welcome you and once again show your support for the LGBTQ + community in the Caribbean and Latin America during the June Pride celebration. The hotels of the hotel company in the region are prepared to celebrate with multiple unique activities, including the Largest Virtual Pride Parade, Rainbow Dates, Colorshoots, and the lighting of their facades with the colors of the rainbow.

“Marriott International has long been an advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion, and our commitment to the cause is stronger than ever,” said Brian King, president for the Caribbean and Latin America region. “Pride is just one of the many ways our company celebrates and shows its support for the LGBTQ + community. We believe in a warm welcome to all.”

A wide range of Marriott International hotels in the Caribbean and Latin America have recorded celebration videos to form the Largest Virtual Pride Parade, spanning from Mexico to South America, and which can be viewed at In addition, many hotels are working with local artists to create Colorshoots or colorful murals as backgrounds for photos and Instagram moments with the aim of transmitting joy and inspiration.

It has become a tradition for Marriott International hotels to display rainbow colors on their facades in June, and in 2021, 12 properties in 7 markets in the region will be illuminated again, proving that there is no room for inequality in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Additionally, Marriott International is offering special Rainbow Dates promotions throughout the region to inspire guests to celebrate and connect with the local LGBTQ + community.

The 2021 LGBTQ + Post COVID-19 Travel Survey, conducted by the International LGBTQ + Travel Association with the support of the IGLTA Foundation, found that after a year of the pandemic, the desire to travel again is stronger than ever. Nearly 73% of global respondents said they plan to take their next major vacation before the end of the year and 58% are very likely to be staying at a hotel or resort.