Marriott Playa Dormida adds a beach bar


The luxurious property located in Santa Marta now offers a refreshing variety of cocktails at the foot of the sea to make the celebration truly elevated

Vibrant, festive and with a relaxed spirit, this is El Chiringuito de Santa Marta Marriott Resort Playa Dormida, a fabulous and charming wooden cabin on the beach where you can taste Caribbean mixology and toast to life. As the first bar right on the shore of Playa Dormida, El Chiringuito offers an iconic array of cocktails to really elevate your celebration.

El Chiringuito’s mixology combines the indigenous fruits of Magdalena such as coconut, mango and corozo with modern techniques, secret dressings and world-class spirits to produce the most refreshing and well-designed cocktails in the Colombian Caribbean.

Margarita de Corozo is one of the geniuses that —yes or yes— you must try. A cocktail that is brimming with spirit and fun thanks to the corozo pulp, which is combined with tequila, triple sec and dash of lemon juice and served in a frosty glass with tagine and salt. The result? A refreshing drink —between acid and salty— with spicy and sweet touches that captivates your senses and invites you to celebrate.

Burning passion fruit. The passion fruit, one of the most recognized fruits of the Caribbean and Central America, is the precursor of this surprising cocktail that also incorporates brandy, orange juice and lemon juice. The mixture of the four produces a flavor as exotic as it is majestic. A tribute to Colombian liquor and passion fruit.

Pineapple Basil. The combination of flavors of Tanquerai Gin with lemon juice and pineapple puree produces a mix capable of elevating your senses, ideal for a warm and sunny afternoon, right on the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

Miranda. If your choice is long drinks, Miranda can please you. A mix of Tequila Jimador and Campari with symple syrup and lemon juice, shaken and served in a tall glass. The perfect excuse to unleash your indulgence.

On weekends, Santa Marta Marriott Resort Playa Dormida has prepared another must-see: El Chiringuito Party, a beach party with a live DJ starting at 10 at night.