Meliá Hotels prepares post-Covid-19 protocols


SANTO DOMINGO, RD- Meliá Hotels International has developed a program to face the gradual reopening of its hotels in the post-COVID-19 recovery phase, for which it has hired one of the most prestigious certification entities in the world, Bureau Veritas, to specify that it complies with the most demanding health security controls.

In addition to specifying the hygiene and disinfection protocols and measures for the spaces and the main operating processes, a series of virtual conferences were held in the local market to address the emotional aspect of the relationship with the client in the face of the situation. created by COVID and to give the highest priority to the experience of its clients, also providing for the creation in hotels of a person in charge of the “emotional well-being” of the client.

The first delivery was made with the Wholesaler Suplitur, having as guests Mr. Jair Palacios-Hotel Manager of Meliá Caribe Beach and Mr. Oliver Bothfeld-Hotel Manager of Meliá Punta Cana Beach; In this participation 116 connected travel agents.

During the virtual meeting, the protocols that MHI has always implemented for any epidemiological problem and now with the Covid-19 were highlighted. In addition, highlight the affiliated institutions that guarantee and certify that Meliá is a hotel that meets all the requirements established by these institutions.

The second meeting was with the participation of Gestur, where the Hotel Managers of Meliá Caribe Beach and Meliá Punta Cana Beach, respectively, also participated, along with Mrs. Gara Abela Guerra-Hotel Manager of The Grand Reserve and Mr. Sergio Martin -Manager Hotel in Paradisus Punta Cana. This first round of training culminated with the Conextur Mayorista de Santiago, with the participation of approximately 27 travel agents from Santiago and other provinces.

The trainings carried out digitally, in accordance with the measures decreed to date to avoid contact and the spread of Covid-19, were very edifying and will continue to be carried out periodically until operations are resumed within the hotels and thus maintain our collaborators. main, who are the Wholesalers and Travel Agents.

Likewise, as a global company, so that hotel teams around the world are prepared to implement them, Meliá Hotels International has shared and disseminated the “Stay Safe by Meliá” program with each and every one of the managers of its hotels, from each from their regional offices, who in turn will share it and put it into practice in their teams and premises.

The Meliá “360º” program configures several parameters: Cleaning and disinfection plan after COVID-19, available from a strategic provider such as Diversey; Occupational health recommendations to update work (corporate offices and hotels), which includes hygienic and organizational measures for returning from work, identifying people at risk, coordinating relationships with suppliers and third parties, and managing eventual contagion cases; Innovation and technology, with technological solutions to minimize close physical contact between the customer and the employee, avoid the safety of the facilities and sustainability; Global post-COVID-19 operations guide, with adaptations of procedures and necessary training for teams.

In addition, the Brand Standards were again adapted to the security required to avoid contact risks by COVID-19 in processes such as A&B, Room Experience, Wellness, Entertainment, etc., and the Guide for Technical Installations and Post-COVID Maintenance -19

It should be noted that, for the preparation of this program, Meliá Hotels International has contacted the international knowledge and experience of its teams in Risk Management and Occupational Health, Operations and Brands, Purchases and Maintenance, and Information Systems, and with the advice of specialists. strategic suppliers