Mouth to mouth and social networks, the main inspirers of travelers


The recommendations of friends and family and photos and posts on social networks are the main sources of inspiration for travelers, according to the study conducted by SiteMinder, the world’s leading traveler attraction platform in the hotel industry, on habits and expectations of Spanish travelers when they stay in a hotel. The main idea of ​​the analysis is to know the main reasons that inspire them to travel, the tools they usually use to find a place to stay or the memories they have after the stay, both positive and negative. Technology is another of the important points on which travelers want to express their opinions and, thanks to their answers, hotels can guess what kind of technologies their guests expect to find in the near future.

Thus, the influence of word of mouth is fundamental for 70% of travelers, followed by social networks (37.8%), visits to travel agencies (27.9%), promotional mails and advertisements ( both with almost 28% of weight). The study of SiteMinder has had the participation of more than 1,000 Spanish travelers and has been carried out in collaboration with the automated system dedicated to the investigation of the behavior of Toluna consumers.

68.58% of the respondents usually stay in a hotel of some chain that already knew previously. Against this figure, 31.42% opted for independent hotels with a special touch and a smaller number of rooms. An especially interesting fact of the study in a time when personalization is everything in many countries and hotels are increasingly focused on exclusivity, the ’boutique’ style, the decoration and the generation of unique experiences.

The online travel industry is exploding rapidly and the internet has become the best tool to access guests. Although, indeed, the phone is still important, it has been discovered that 3 out of 4 travelers (75% of the total) book their rooms in an online agency or through the hotel’s website. Guests are turning to the Internet for information search, for inspiration and to book. Therefore, hotels that do not have an online presence will lose business opportunities in the short and long term.

The quality of the service rendered makes a difference and this has been reflected in the answers given by the respondents. 45% of travelers remember this aspect above the rest and 63.21% say that what frustrates them most is a lack of professionalism and cordiality of the staff.

The uncertainty about the chosen accommodation is one of the main concerns of travelers, hence the vast majority would want to know in more detail the place where they will enjoy their stay. 36.9% would like to choose the room where they will be staying when booking online and an additional 24.4% would appreciate being offered a virtual tour of the hotel before booking.