MSC Cruises celebrates reaching 20 million cruise passengers


The Swiss company received passenger number 20 million last week, has been aboard the MSC Seaside with a base port in Miami

MSC Cruises, the world’s largest private cruise line based in Switzerland, celebrated a key global milestone in its history last weekend, welcoming the 20 millionth cruise passenger aboard the MSC Seaside with a base port in Miami. This significant achievement is a testament to the expansion of MSC Cruises since it began operating specially designed cruises in 2003, and has quickly become a global player.

Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises, said: “Reaching our cruise ship 20 million is really an important achievement for MSC Cruises, and represents how far we have come to build a global brand that serves guests of more than 170 nationalities, through of the five continents With our capacity scheduled to triple in 2027, we will continue to raise the level by focusing on two areas, on board and on land.We want to offer our guests a unique experience each time they sail with us.The MSC Seaside is the perfect example, it is one of the most innovative boats at sea in terms of design and experience of the guest on board, on the other hand, it has a modern environmental technology “.

The MSC Seaside, in addition to complying with the highest international standards, received the “Green Star 3 Design” certificate from the RINA international classification society, this certificate is the latest and most complete edition of the RINA Green STAR category, where It specifically recognizes that the Seaside MSC achieves the highest levels of ecological compatibility thanks to the implementation of different innovative measures that help reduce the environmental footprint during its operations, including a hybrid exhaust gas cleaning system, an advanced treatment of wastewater, systems to prevent the discharge of oil from machinery spaces, a ballast water treatment system and the ship’s Environmental Management Plan.

Throughout the fleet, MSC Cruises offers guests an enriching cruise vacation, inspired by the company’s European heritage. On board, guests can meet people from all over the world, while enjoying the excellent dining options of world-renowned chefs, exclusive international-class entertainment, activities and award-winning facilities for families and children of all ages, which are complemented by a luxurious well-being and comfortable accommodations to satisfy all needs. On land, MSC Cruises guests can discover the hidden treasures of each destination they visit through specially designed tours, with unique and immersive experiences designed for each itinerary.