MSC Cruises prepares for the winter season 2021/2022 from the US to the Caribbean


MSC Seashore, MSC Divina and MSC Meraviglia offer itineraries from Miami and from Port Canaveral, Florida

MSC Cruises has welcomed the announcement from the United States government as November 8 will be the date that international travelers from many parts of the world will be able to enter the country provided they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The world’s third-largest cruise brand described the news as “great news” for international tourists who want to vacation in the sunny Caribbean winter during their 2021/22 winter season.

MSC Cruises has 3 of its ships sailing from Florida throughout the season: the company’s new flagship, the MSC Seashore, the award-winning MSC Meraviglia and the popular MSC Divina. Ships on the line will welcome non-U.S. Residents on board beginning November 8.

Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises, said: “We have eagerly awaited the date of the US Administration to reopen the country to fully vaccinated travelers from many parts of the world who love cruises. The Caribbean is a popular destination for our guests from all of Europe and other regions of the world, especially during winter, and many more of them will now be able to fly to both Miami and Orlando to board our 3 ships that offer a range of different itineraries in the Caribbean, including Jamaica, Costa Rica, Mexico and our unique private island in the Bahamas, MSC Ocean Cay Marine Reserve. This news means that the many guests who have already booked to sail with us from North America can now have their cruise vacations fully confirmed. ”

MSC Cruises’ flagship, MSC Seashore, will have as its main port of embarkation, the Port of Miami from 20 November, following the official ceremony of her appointment in Ocean Cay. Starting November 28, MSC Meraviglia will move to her new embarkation port in Port Canaveral, Orlando, while MSC Divina will move to Miami offering a range of 3, 7 and 11 night cruises. The 3 ships will offer different Caribbean itineraries throughout the winter season and all itineraries will include a stopover at MSC Ocean Cay Marine Reserve -for more details, visit ar / Cruise-Destinations / Caribbean-Antilles.aspx

The United States government has announced that as of November 8, non-US citizens who are fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), including Pfizer, Moderna, will be allowed to enter the country. , Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sinovac and Sinopharm. To sail with MSC Cruises, guests aged 12 and over must have the full vaccination schedule received more than 14 days before the start of their cruise and all guests aged 2 years or over, will need to present proof of COVID- 19 refusal when boarding.

MSC Cruises will also require non-US residents to have a COVID-19 insurance policy. The insurance must cover risks related to COVID-19, such as vacation cancellation, interruption, repatriation expenses, quarantine, medical assistance and related expenses, as well as hospitalization, and it is important that the policy includes also the coverage in case of being a close contact.