MSC Cruises updates the itineraries of the Caribbean


The measure arises as a result of the changes made by the administration of the United States with respect to Cuba

In relation to the changes of the EE Administration. UU to regulations on travel to Cuba, which as of June 5 eliminate prior authorization that allows cruise ships to travel from the US UU In Cuba, MSC Cruises will immediately modify all itineraries of existing cruises, previously scheduled to arrive in that country.

Due to these substantial changes in the law and regulation of the US. UU., The MSC Armonia is no longer authorized to land in the port of Havana, Cuba, as part of its current trips in the Caribbean. The alternative ports of Key West, Florida; or Costa Maya, Mexico; or George Town, Cayman Islands; or Cozumel, Mexico will replace Havana, Cuba. The rest of the itinerary of the MSC Armonia will remain as originally planned.