MTur invests R $ 1.15 million in the restoration of the historic property in Olinda


Works in the city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site will include the Church of Nossa Senhora da Graça and the old Seminary

One of the oldest and most historic buildings in Olinda (PE) will undergo improvements to enhance the experience for passing visitors. For this, the Ministry of Tourism, through the National Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage (Iphan), will invest more than R $ 1.15 million in the restoration of the architectural complex formed by the Church of Nossa Senhora da Graça and the old Seminary , one of the most important buildings of Jesuit architecture in Brazil in the 16th century.

Las obras incluirán la recalificación y renovación de los altares, capilla y arco de la sacristía, además de la modernización de las instalaciones eléctricas e hidrosanitarias de baños, cocina y lavandería y adecuaciones de accesibilidad. Otras mejoras se realizarán en la planta baja, donde se instalará una biblioteca, un auditorio para 20 personas y dos tiendas de artículos religiosos. La previsión es que las obras se extiendan hasta diciembre de este año.

Listed by Iphan in 1938, the group called Iglesia de Nossa Senhora da Graça and Seminario de Olinda had not undergone major repairs in a few years. The monument that was written in the Book of Tombo das Belas Artes, is also inserted in the area of ​​the historical site of Olinda, Brazilian Cultural Heritage since 1968. The recognition is not only at the national level. Since the 1980s, the Historic Center of Olinda has been declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco).

In addition to the privileged view of the Atlantic Ocean, the place has other attractions that delight tourists, such as the conservation of more than 100 tombs and other unique elements that provide natural lighting to the environment. The building also features some of the oldest stone monuments in the country, dating from the late 16th or early 17th century, combining a rustic look with a Renaissance composition.

The city of Olinda (PE) also has other works with investments from the Federal Government, for example, the restoration of the Church of São Pedro dos Apóstolos, with resources from Iphan in the order of approximately R $ 1.5 million. . In 2018, three works were delivered in Olinda with resources from the Institute: the Franciscan Convent cemetery, with R $ 3 million; Iglesia Bonfim, which received R $ 2 million; and Bicas de Olinda, which received R $ 186 thousand.

The Institute has been working on a series of actions for the preservation of the Cultural Heritage built in Pernambuco. In recent years, more than R $ 38.5 million have been invested in works in Recife, Olinda and Fernando de Noronha. In addition to the restoration of the Church of São José do Ribamar, which began recently, the restoration of the integrated movable property of the Churches of São Pedro dos Clérigos and Conceição dos Militares is underway. Still in October 2020, the requalification of the Pai Adão terreiro was delivered.