New report reveals rebound in tourism for this year


IPK International presented the latest findings of the World Travel Monitor survey at ITB Berlin’s Digital Business Day

In 2021, despite lockdowns and strict travel restrictions, outbound travel increased worldwide. The strong growth in travel in the second half of the year brought with it a rebound in international tourism. However, across the globe and within individual travel segments, trends varied. Foreign travel by Americans and Europeans saw double-digit growth last year, while in Asia it continued to decline.

Regarding travel in 2022: Even taking into account the continued uncertainties from the pandemic and the crisis in Ukraine, the current survey results reflect a high demand for vacations and travel in the coming months. Despite the current crisis mood, the latest survey results point to strong growth and a clear recovery.

Positive figures in 2021, with mixed results around the world
IPK International’s World Travel Monitor® reported that outbound travel increased year-over-year by three percent in 2021. However, trends around the world varied widely. Thus, in Europe and America, trips abroad increased by 10 and 11 percent respectively, while in Asia they fell again by around 40 percent.

Overall, in 2021, the historical lows in tourism caused by the pandemic were exceeded, while the post-Covid recovery began.