New report reveals which countries are leading the recovery of tourism in the Americas


The data comes from SiteMinder’s World Hotel Index (WHI), which analyzes more than 40 markets worldwide

Thanks to the boost in hotel reservations in recent weeks, we see figures already close to the levels recorded in 2019, according to data from the World Hotel Index (WHI) from SiteMinder, which analyzes more than 40 countries around the world. SiteMinder is the leading open hotel commerce platform, with 33,000 partner hotels in 150 countries around the world, providing real-time data on hotel reservations.

By country, hotel reservations in Mexico stand out significantly, with a much higher volume than in 2019. To date, with reservations at 150% compared to the pre-pandemic period, Mexico is among the main destinations worldwide. For its part, the number of travelers who have booked a stay for the coming months in Costa Rica also exceeds the figures from before the pandemic, with 108% compared to 2019. While Chile expects to soon recover the levels of 2019, with a volume of reserves already close to 100%.

Other destinations such as the United States, historically among the three most visited countries in the world, or Canada are also close to exceeding pre-pandemic levels, with reservations around 90% in both cases.

The trend to relax restrictions due to COVID contributes to boosting the arrival of international tourists. In addition, of the travelers who have made a reservation in the last two weeks, a large part are for stays in June or July, coinciding with the summer holidays in the northern hemisphere, according to SiteMinder’s WHI.