Omnibees promotes new solutions at WTM Latin America


The technology company has had an outstanding participation in the fair that took place in San Pablo

Omnibees is one of the technology companies for the tourism market with the greatest progress in recent years, to learn about its current status, during WTM Latin America we interviewed its CEO Luis Ferrinho. We share his responses below:

What was your expectation for the WTM Latin America?
The first thing I would like to highlight is that it was the first international event that Brazil has had after the pandemic and therefore we knew that a large number of tourism professionals would attend. We set up a great stand and participated with many people from our team. Beyond the meeting with customers and business partners, we have presented new solutions.

What are the priorities for you at the moment?
Although we are very large in Brazil, the country where we grew the most is Mexico, we are also entering Colombia and the Caribbean with great force.

What is the structure they have in the Americas?
We have a team of 400 people and accompanying the recovery of the hotel market we estimate to grow to 500 by the end of 2022.

What is the type of client you are looking for today?
We have clients of many profiles, from large international chains to small family hotels, that is one of the great differences of our company. We have technology that adapts to each type of property.

In a market that is so competitive, what makes Omnibees different?
When we started developing our product in 2007, we started it with Latin America in mind, and we don’t have a competitor in the market today because everyone thinks of the United States or Europe as bigger markets. At that time we hired a company in France that has done a study on where there would be greater opportunity and one of the countries was Brazil. So we decided to focus not only here but also extend to the Latin American market and that is why we continue to grow.

Could you share your vision of what has happened in the pandemic?
We have been able to reinvent ourselves, they were years where we did not grow at the rate we intended, but we have developed new solutions, signed important agreements and also created a payment bank. It has been a productive time in other ways.