Palladium launches new loyalty program


Palladium Hotel Group celebrates its 50th anniversary with the launch of Palladium Rewards, a new loyalty program that reinforces its commitment to converting customers into fans and rewarding repeat customers. The hotel group is thus faithful to its own philosophy, and seeks to strengthen the relationship with customers so that their experience is even more personalized and exclusive.

Through a points program, which the client obtains with each reservation in the group’s hotels, restaurants and wellness centers, Palladium Rewards members go through the categories of Follower, Promoter, Ambassador and, at the highest level, Fan. And with this they get exclusive advantages such as late check out, an upgrade in their reservation, free breakfasts and discounts when booking a stay at the hotels of the different brands of Palladium Hotel Group.

The group presents Palladium Rewards with a launch campaign that will award 250,000 points to the 10 members of the program who have obtained the most friend registrations until December 1, 2020. These 250,000 points are equivalent to a one-week stay in one of the hotels of Palladium Hotel Group in the Caribbean, and each awardee will be able to choose how to spend their points: where they want, when they want and with whom they want. In addition, the winners will have direct access to the highest level of membership, that of Fan.

Clients hosted or not
Palladium Rewards goes further and also rewards clients who are not staying in hotels, but enjoy its services. Delighting yourself with the varied gastronomic offer of the hotel restaurants or relaxing with one of the beauty treatments at the group’s spas and wellness centers, also allows you to obtain points and exchange them.

The company’s goal is for customers to feel that loyalty to their trusted brands is always rewarded, and to build an increasingly perfect relationship between them. Knowing well the interests and tastes of customers is essential to be able to offer them a personalized and exclusive service, and with Palladium Rewards it is now possible to obtain rewards for enjoying the preferred services of each one.

A 100% Digital Program
Palladium Rewards is a 100% digital program. Innovation and digitization are two basic pillars of the hotel company, which has been betting on digital transformation and new technologies for decades to constantly improve customer service. For this reason, the Palladium Hotel Group loyalty program is exclusively digital and does not have physical cards or paper procedures.